Apple iPad Pro 2019 – Release Date, Specs, Price, Rumors and News

Apple iPad Pro 2019 – Release Date, Specs, Price, Rumors and News

If you are wondering when Apple’s iPad is going to make its appearance, your wait is probably going to get over very soon. Even though the new iPad Pros were launched in 2018, people are looking forward to the launch of the new models.

Release of the device

According to the expectations and the hype building around the arrival of the next iPad Pro, the model is supposedly going to be released sometime around spring and early summer. Survey reveals that Apple users do not update their iPads as they do their iPhones, and the situation is going to be similar to the expensive Pro device, which is yet to be released. On the other hand, the company may not want to delay the release of this latest device to justify the price bracket and would not mind including the best and the latest features in this device which is going to be released soon. So, the users may have to wait for another year or more and the earliest you can expect the release of the next iPad Pro is in the autumn of 2019, but no one knows the exact date; so, might as well wait a bit longer than usual.

Pricing of the device

What does the release of the iPad Pro convey pocket wise? Do you have to think about this next investment? Is it going to be too expensive? Due to the major fluctuations in the price during the recent years or other justifications such as the changes in the value of the currency or complete redesigning of the models released in 2018, it can be expected that the prices may not go beyond the previous models. According to close sources, the prices should stay around the models of the last generation. When you take a close look at the model to be released soon, the 64 GB storage capacity of the device may not be seen. According to the estimates, the storage capacity of the new entrant in the market should be around 128 GB to match the expectations of the users stuck with the 64 GB tier.

iPad Pro 2019


Shortcoming in the previous model

The 9.7-inch mobile from Apple was the best tablet around in 2018, but there were a few shortcomings in the design. The design without bezel disappointed the users, but the rumours of this updated Pro device to be launched soon seems to be the cheapest version of the iPad. If rumours to be believed, you may get larger than life display with 10-inches although the frame is going to be slimmer than before. It may also mean that the touch era is finally going to end in the new Pro design. Keeping in mind the intention of the company to lower the cost of iPad, you can expect a fingerprint sensor instead of the more expensive Face ID. According to more information pouring in from different sources, the tendency of the company to reduce the cost of the iPad 2019 has forced the company to move towards LED displays that are less expensive. As the iPad is already one of the cheapest devices of Apple, it is hard to predict whether the cheap bracket is going to stay as the latest release of the new device is concerned.

Design of the iPad Pro

The company took a lot of effort into redesigning the models of the Pro devices in 2018, and it would not be right to expect too much from them in 2019. It seems that the conservatism of the company is going to show in this model as well, so you may not expect a lot of changes as far as this model is concerned. After removing the bezels and the Home button of the previous models of the iPad, you may find that same design in the latest model as well.

On the contrary, the rumours speak the Pro device may come back if the company decides to remove some of the screen technology from behind the display of this device and bring it towards the edge on the bezels. However, such predictions are not likely to come true as it could mean that the new iPad Pro needs to have bigger bezels surprisingly lacking and the previous models becoming as thin as possible.

iPad Pro 2019 Design

However, the company may move away from its decision to shrink the bezels further than the changes already seen in the other models. While all this may be done in an attempt to mimic the all screen appearance of iPhone X and XS, users of the iPad stay hooked to the physical grip of the device which is more than the iPhones. Although the company may prefer making it handy for the palm, people would not like the finger and the hand marks of the sweaty fingers and hands.

Features and specifications

Although the next product to be launched by the company is going to be filled with as much more specifications as possible, it is still tough to decide what it exactly means for the users of the iPad. You may expect an A 13X processor with medium chips when today’s models are taken into consideration.  No matter how it goes, you cannot expect the A14 chips to come before the autumn of 2020.

Camera of iPad Pro

The camera of the iPad is not going to receive a lot of attention during the launch of iPad Pro as it does not have the same priority for the users of iPads when compared with the iPhones. The expectations are that the company may decide to bring back the OIS feature as soon as possible and we can finally get the megapixel from the previous devices.

iPad Pro 2019 Camera

Display of the device

What is the company going to do with the screen of the device? For three generations in a row, the larger models displayed the same size while the low-sized models have shown a steady rise. However, does it indicate that the screen of iPad Pro is going to be bigger, somewhere around 11 inches or more? We cannot speak on this right now but the trends suggest that Apple is not going to continue this cat and mouse game further as far as the display of the device is concerned. With the difference is the size of the display becoming smaller and smaller, it does not mean anything for the users to pay more for acquiring the larger models. If you add to this, an unchanged design in iPad Pro as it seems the company is not going to include a substantial change in the display of the device, you can expect a repeat of 12.9 or 11 inches in the iPad Pro.

Can you expect OLED?

It is difficult to predict whether the display technology is going to be changed with the release of this device or whether it may move to the next year or even beyond that, but right now such a high-grade update seems unlikely and unrealistic. OLED panels are expensive and 12.9-inch is going to rob the company of its benefits with the new device. Furthermore, adding 120 Hz to the OLED screen is another impossibility you have to consider.

What to expect

Apart from these rumours you have already heard about iPad Pro 2019, nothing more has surfaced yet about the device or its release. Can you expect a new processor or a thicker pad in the new device? It is hard to predict anything right now until the appearance of the device. The chances are that the new and the latest device, the iPad Pro may copy the same features of the predecessors with lower prices. As far as the release schedule of the device is concerned, the first expectation of the release is around March as the previous devices also madea public appearance around this time. With a few changes here and there, the company would stick to the same methods while releasing this device.



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