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Apple iPad Pro 2 Arrives Soon with Latest Details

After such a long time of waiting, we might even see the release of the Apple iPad Pro 2 in May. Many people expect the tech giant Apple to release their upcoming model at the WWDC event. Needless to say, everybody is curious what is going to happen at that event.

New Reports about iPad Pro 2

Blorge has issued a report showing that there might be only a month until we will get to see the Apple iPad Pro 2 device. This product will supposedly come in three different models, a 12.9 inches one and two 10.5 inches devices. At the same time, we should expect an iPad Mini 5 that sports a 9.7 inches display.

More Speculations

At the same time, there are lots of speculations about Apple releasing a sequel for the Apple Pencil and bringing Apple Pencil 2. The iPad Pro 2 will be running on a completely new processor, namely the A10X chip, which will be present on all three iPad models.

What’s interesting is the fact that people speculate that the company will remove their Home button. Though it might seem like a drastic change, they will replace this nice feature with another interesting one, such as the iOS 11 or the wireless charging option.

The update for the iPad Mini series is something many people have waited for long, and it would truly be a nice surprise if the company would unveil the iPad Mini 5 at the WWDC event.

Possible Issues?

Last month the Apple Store had some issues and was down for a while right on the 21st of the month. It was shut down for maintenance, but people started rumoring that this had something to do with a special product Apple is preparing, which could be the iPad Pro 2.

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