Apple iPad 2017 Review – Is it as good as they say?

Back in 2010, when we first got the chance to see the iPad, people looked at it as if it were a huge version of the popular iPod Touch. Apple did not expect it to reach any kind of success, but as we have seen the product overturned all the expectations and now, seven years later, we see what statement the company makes through the 12.9 inches iPad Pro and the 9.7 inches one.

Design Evolution

If the original iPad looked exactly like an oversized iPod Touch, the current one is not that different. What is indeed intriguing is that after years in which the company tried hard to sell thinner and thinner products, now we see that it’s getting thicker.


One of the main advantages of this new product is the upgraded processor.  Even though it doesn’t sport the A10 Fusion CPU in the iPhone 7 Plus, it still runs on a good one, namely the A9 processor. Battery life is yet another strong point of the new device, which means that it scores great results on the Geekbench tests. You might not expect it, but the low price definitely deserves to be included here. The 32 GB Wi-Fi only iPad in Australia costs $469.


Naturally, there are also some disadvantages regarding the tablet. If we were to be honest, indeed the product could be more powerful with the A10 processor. We also have to write on the drawbacks list the scarce internal memory. 32 GB are enough for various apps, but what about videos, music or photos?

At the same time, there really isn’t any reason for which to quit your old iPad if it’s working alright. The new product doesn’t really bring something revolutionary to the table, so why make an investment you don’t actually need?

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