Apple iOS 13 – Getting More Attention Than The Next iOS 12

Apple iOS 13 – Getting More Attention Than The Next iOS 12

Apple will inaugurate the iOS 12 on June 4th at the Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC). Moreover, the company will unveil watchOS 5, macOS 10.14, and tvOS 12. Apple seems to have learned from experience and the leaks for iOS 12 were few. We should prepare for its preview to be able to see its features, bug fixes, improved performance and stable system, but there’s another thing that is keeping the users busy – the iOS 13 rumors.

iPad users were complaining that they have to wait more than a year to see a big difference (even if iOS 11’s design was focused more on tablets and minimal new features rather than smartphones). However, the new iOS 12 will bring smartphone improvements.

This may be Apple’s strategy to take one step at the time – one year for focusing on iPhone and the next year for iPad. The iOS 11 had an updated iPad dock, Files app, Drag & Drop support, revamped QuickType keyboard, App Switcher and new features for Apple Pencil such as Instant Notes and Instant Markup.

What does the iOS 12 bring to the table?

On April 24, Apple introduced the latest iOS release – version 11.3.1 – and it was followed by 11.4 Beta 3 preview build only four days ago. The iOS beta is not even available to the public and we are already dealing with leaks regarding the next project. In comparison with the iOS 11 which had many bugs and a difficult update, the new iOS 12 promises stability, improved health and reality features and performance to the detriment of various new characteristics.

However, there will still be some added features such as multiplayer augmented reality games support, a new Animoji interface for iPads and parental control through a new Digital Health Tool. It will be presented in September along with other iPhone devices.

According to reports from earlier this year, Apple has kept a number of features for the iOS 13 due to the various issues Apple had in 2017.

What is Apple has in store for iOS 13?

According to the Bloomberg contributor, Mark Gurman, the code-name for the iOS 13 is “Yukon” with improvements to key apps such as Mail, various updates, and a completely new home screen. It is expected to have more features for the Apple’s iPad. But there’s still confusion regarding  Mark Gurman’s leaks because he didn’t name his sources and the rumors have been the same as several months ago. Earlier this year, a list of the future iOS 13 features have been leaked and started a “revolution”, leaving the iOS 12 behind.

Home screen redesign

At the moment, the iPad’s screen looks similar to the rest of the iPhone smartphones, but there’s a problem with having too much screen space. Even if this idea was initially planned for the iOS 12, Apple decided to add it to its successor, focusing mainly on the iPad. As intriguing as this idea sounds, users would benefit more from a visual refresh because there hasn’t been one since the iOS 7.

Side-by-side windows

The Split View multitasking mode will offer the ability to use multiple windows of the same app side-by-side. In-app tabs resembling the macOS apps would support the practicability of this feature. This feature would boost productivity and time management.

New Files app

It was introduced with the iOS 11 and it is highly expected to be revamped with the occasion of the rumors about the iOS 13.

New Apple Pencil

Apple may improve the Apple Pencil, but there isn’t enough information about what would be changed. The last release of a new version was in 2015, so it must be the time for a second-generation Apple Pencil.

Same app for Mac, iPad, and iPhone

Apple is working on a new project called “Marzipan” which will enable developers to create a single app that would run on iPhones, iPads, and Macs. It is rumored to be featured in the new iOS 13 as it was one of the features which had been pushed back from the iOS 12.

Cross-platform support

According to John Gruber of Daring Fireball, the iOS 13 will be merged with macOS 10.15 in order to offer a better user experience across devices.  This means that the mobile operating systems’ APIs and Apple’s desktop would be unified. Apple may follow the trend of its competitors – Chrome OS and Android for Google and Windows Universal Platform for Windows. However, Tim Cook, the Apple CEO, wasn’t so interested to merge them in the past.

More improved features

Moreover, it is rumored that Springboard will be redesigned and the Notes app will be improved and included in the iOS 13. The next major generation of iOS is expected to arrive in 2019 if everything that was rumored is exact and everything goes as Apple wants. However, improvement for touchpads and mice hasn’t been mentioned.

Even if there are various rumors and leaked information, there is still time to wait and see what Apple is really about. It’s not the first time that the company has problems with leaked news about their products, namely the company had leaked the iPhone X graphics on HimePod beta before.

The rumors surrounding the iOS 13 may have reduced the excitement for the WWDC announcement, but the company still has an opportunity to surprise its users. For the past years, Apple proved that user performance and productivity are key-features for the products.



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