Apple iOS 13.1 and iPad OS 13.1 Released

Apple iOS 13.1 and iPad OS 13.1 Released

The iOS 13 update was a buggy update with users complaining about encountering problems more than when the iOS 12 was released. To solve the bugs and various issues that iPhone users were facing, Apple quickly released the iOS 13.1 update and the changelog is quite a read.

Bug Fixes

As mentioned, the first iOS 13 release had a bunch of bugs, which caused applications to crash unexpectedly for many users. The iOS 13.1 update fixes most of these bugs.

One of the major bug fixes is the backdoor using which the contacts and information stored in the iPhone 11 Pro were accessible from the lock screen itself. The contacts bypass has been fixed in the 13.1 updates.

Processor Throttling is Back

The iPhone XR, iPhone XS, as well as the iPhone XS Max are getting the controversial feature that will throttle the processor speeds which will make your device slower as your battery gets older over time. This time, there will be an official warning from iOS when your battery requires a replacement instead of silently throttling the processor speed. According to the changelog, this update reduces the chances of unexpected shutdowns by managing the performance of the iPhone.

iOS 13.1

Airdrop Becomes Better

The iPhone 11 lineup features a new U1 chip, which is used for enhanced location tracking and spatial awareness, as well as upgrades the old Airdrop feature. The Airdrop feature will now detect which device you are pointing to if there are multiple iPhones in front of you. The menu for Airdrop has also been redesigned which now contains an arrow mark that is supposed to point at the device you are sharing files to.

iPadOS 13.1

iPadOS is the successor to iOS for iPad Pro devices. It is based on iOS, but it has many more features, which offer a different experience altogether. It is designed for multitasking and the UI is much closer to that of a MacBook. IPadOS 13.1 brings more features to the iPadOS.

New Home Screen Layout

The first change that we see with the iPadOS 13.1 is the new home screen layout, which is now a five by six grid of icons that makes use of the full-screen real estate on the iPad Pro. The home screen now also contains the Today View feature, which can be accessed by swiping left on the screen.

Lower Latency for Apple Pencil

The Apple Pencil and the iPad Pro go hand in hand. The Apple Pencil has become far better for the iPad Pro with the 13.1 updates. It is now more responsive with low latency. There is also a new gesture that can mark up anything by swiping from any corner from the bottom. It can also mark entire web pages, emails, and Maps.

There are a lot more changes in the iOS 13.1 and iPad OS 13.1 updates. We have covered some of the significant changes in this article. For full information, check out the changelog for iOS 13.1 and iPad OS 13.1.

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