Apple iOS 12.2 Developer Version Hints You Can Say “Hey Siri” to the New AirPods 2 Soon

The use of Apple’s voice assistant Siri may be extended to the AirPods as well. This has been deduced from a setup screen found included in the next version of the iOS 12, the iOS 12.2. The company has released only the developers’ version or the first beta of the revised OS. The page is not available for use yet but one can see the entries there for enabling the feature on the device you load the iOS 12.2 with, as and when Apple releases it for public consumption.

New AirPods To be Released

It is to be understood that this new feature to include Hey Siri commands to activate the AirPods without having to touch them may be incorporated in the new set of AirPods to be launched by Apple soon. These may be called AirPods 2. Though much details are still not out as you would expect from anything to do with the Cupertino headquartered tech major, there are rumors that there may be some added features like health-monitoring etc. in the accessories. The likely release date could be this first quarter of 2019 itself. It is stated that as far as the voice assistant is concerned, it is mentioned that the AirPods 2 will be able to recognize the feature on the main device it is being paired with. This means if you have an iPhone that is running on the new iOS 12.2 version of OS and you pair the new AirPods 2 to it, the earphone will recognize and start functioning without your having to touch to send a new command.

Apple ios 12.2

Wireless Charging Too Confirmed

Elsewhere, there have been reports that the Air Power wireless charging pad that can charge the AirPods is also on its way with its production being resumed. Some technical issues that had been reported earlier have since been fixed and it is expected that the wireless charging pad will also be released soon. As per reports, the pad can simultaneously charge 2-3 devices, like your iPhones, AirPods etc.

Await some official hints from Apple on these developments.

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