Apple HomePod and possible new 4K Apple TV

HomePod announced features

If you couldn’t believe it until now, then you should probably have enough proof that Apple’s innovation in technology creation is just unstoppable. The “proof” with which everything is getting even better is the Apple’s HomePod features with which the company managed to take it to a whole new level when it comes to future’s technology. Apple announced some time ago the redesign of the iPhone’s screen and some new features such as: face unlock (yes, like in those movies with future technology references) and virtual home button. Apparently nowadays everything evolves around the term “virtual”, and Apple is no exception.

The new 4K Apple TV

It is said that there might be soon a release of a new 4K Apple TV with complete functions we didn’t find at the other version of Apple TV. Even Guilherme Rambo‏, the IOS developer thinks so about the new possible release. When we’re referring to the new 4K Apple TV, we’re not only talking about HDR support for Dolby Vision, but for HDR 10 as well. Still unimpressed? Wait until you hear about the 4K rumor!

Bloomberg, an American news agency, stated a few months ago that Apple is going to launch a product that supports 4K content. So, in other words, it appears that Apple wants to take the lead with the new 4 K Apple TV and its high dynamic range function. It is better to watch your favorite TV shows at the resolution offered by Apple’s new device instead of the simple resolution we’ve all got sick of.

Even Google Play is getting used to 4K and is streaming right now in 4K and HDR, of course. ITunes did the same as well.  It appears that this is becoming a trend all big companies want to get involved in.

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