Apple Headset Will Feature LiDAR and Will Come Out in First Quarter of 2022

Apple Headset Will Feature LiDAR and Will Come Out in First Quarter of 2022

In the past, several reports have pointed towards Apple working on developing a bunch of augmented-reality devices including AR glasses, an AR headset, and something called an ‘iRing’. The company hasn’t spoken about this and so far, there has been no evidence which indicates it doing R&D work in the augmented-reality space.

However, given the fact that Apple has always tried its hands at emerging technology and endeavored to create something unique out of it makes one believe that the company would be working on creating devices of its own in this space.

Till recently, augmented reality was referred to as a futuristic technology but the pace at which different companies are doing research on it and the different ways in which it has already been implemented makes one believe that it is a technology that will become pretty much mainstream in the next couple of years.

Simply put, augmented reality presents us with a heightened version of the things happening around us. It could also be referred to as the process through which one superimposes text, video, or audio-based information onto the physical world to enhance one’s sensory experience of the environment around us. All of this could be achieved with the help of a device that supports this technology.

There have been a lot of speculations about the kind of devices Apple will roll out in this space but there was no confirmation so far. Now, an investment analyst at JP Morgan, the renowned multinational investment bank, has claimed that the AR headset by Apple shall feature LiDAR plus six lenses and will be launched in the first quarter of 2022.

Recently released reports claimed that before the release of the much talked about Apple Glass, the tech giant will launch a standard AR/VR headset design. According to JP Morgan, Apple is planning to ship its maiden headset in early 2022. As per Yang Weilun, the bank’s technology industry analyst at JP Morgan, Apple will get a major competitive advantage over its rivals with the inclusion of the LiDAR technology.

According to a report by China Times, the upcoming AR headset by Apple will have six lenses along with a LiDAR optical sensor. LiDAR will help in determining the distance between different real-world objects and also make the AR experience better.

Yang Weilun predicts that it will cost Apple more than $500 to manufacture the headset. Owing to the high production cost, the cost of the Apple AR headset will be relatively higher than the market price of the AR devices sold by rival companies. Weilun has also stated that because of the complicated specifications and the intricacies involved in this relatively new technology, a lightweight ‘Apple Glass’ headset cannot be expected to be launched in the next 15-17 months.

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