Apple has a great Politic: Step by Step Politic

If we notice, every time Apple introduced their new technology, they always do it step by step. They do that to make sure their users can adopt it well and not too confusing the market of their device. This also their strategy to make their device with new technology in number 1 position to be bought by users. For instance, when touch ID on home button was introduced for the first time through iPhone 5s. This technology is not available on iPad which was sold in the same year with iPhone 5s. The reason is simple: technology adoption and to place iPhone 5s as top 1 position for selling points device. One year after, then iPad got the Touch ID capability.

Apple has a great Politic: Step by Step Politic

Another example is Force Touch technology which is adopted by Apple Watch. Users were amazed by this new technology and it’s a good adoption. As Apple previous strategy, Apple then adopted this technology to Macbook Pro Retina, and can you guess? This technology will be ensured will be adopted by new iPhone as its selling point this year. Public has known what is Force touch technology and Apple use this momentum for their new product.

Apple has a great Politic: Step by Step Politic

This is the Apple strategy in offering a product both hardware or software. Step by step, to ensure everything is adopted well and they never in a rush. Force Touch was introduced by Apple through Apple Watch which then by Macbook Pro Retina and developers have known the advantage of using this technology for better UI. They adopt this technology for UI in their Apple Watch and OS X applications. After sufficient time for users and developers to know this technology in apple watch and MacBook Pro Retina, it’s a time for this technology to be introduced in iPhone wherein the developers has also ready to update their application to compatible ith Force Touch or change their UI to be fit with Force Touch technology. And who get the advantage of this step by step strategy? There are 3 parties:

1. Apple. Where Apple can make a lower production cost.

2. Developer. Wherein they will not too confused with their application development by adopting Apple’s technology step by step.

3. User. Users will not be confused by new technology in all devices because they have learnt it one by one from different devices. A slow adaptation.

This is important for large mass absorption so that all user segments can enjoy the new technology without shocked. The patience of Apple in making and offering a technology deserves thumbs up. It’s a great strategy. Or i can say it’s a great politic. What for a company struggle to death in introducing their new technology if in the end it will confuse users, not so? Well, that’s it! Apple has a great politic: step by step politic.

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