Apple Foldable Smartphone Could be in the Works; Patent Granted

Apple follows its own time table when it comes to adopting the latest trends in the market. Take the case of 5G, for example. The company is yet to launch a 5G phone and the earliest you can expect that to happen will be by September this year. Now, foldable phones are the next big thing and there has been nothing of substance from the Cupertino giant. However, the latest information from the US Patent and Trademark Office may change that situation.

Apple has been granted a new patent for a foldable phone that has movable flaps. Though there is no certainty that Apple will go on to produce and launch a foldable smartphone as the company has a tradition of obtaining patents and not going any further with them. However, in the context of the present market for foldable phones and rival Samsung planning at least 3 more models for release, you have to trust your instincts and believe that Apple will have a foldable smartphone up its sleeve.

The Movable Flap Design to Avoid Creasing of the Screen

Based on the explanation of why this design of the hinge and the flaps of the foldable phone is unique, it is understood that this removes the chances of the display screen getting creases near the area where they join. The hinge itself has been constructed in this design to allow for the two flaps to open and move a fraction to adjust to the surface. It may be recalled that issues of this nature had occurred with the Samsung Galaxy Fold and the Mate X model of Huawei as well. Though they found other solutions to get over the issue, this Apple design may be a foolproof concept and possibly why Apple is getting it patented.

Apple foldable phone design

Drawings Explain the Concept with a GIF Demonstrating the Action

As you browse through the schematics and drawings from different angles of the proposed design of the foldable phone from Apple, you also see a GIF of a colorful device closing and opening repeatedly to give a better picture. Apple can extend this concept and design to the iPads too and have a new range of foldable designs.

Wait for an official update or a reliable confirmation on this interesting development.

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