Apple Fans Faced with Another Hard Decision

Apple Fans Faced with Another Hard Decision

According to a new report, 2018 brings us such an iPhone X that it will make Apple fans weight their choices when it comes to purchasing their c device.

Apple, the Silicon Valley giant, is said to be releasing a few variants of iPhone X by the end of this year.

Other claims suggest that the company will make an announcement in September regarding a budget LCD screened iPhone X and an improved iPhone X Plus and iPhone X which will feature OLED screens.

When it comes to the budget iPhone X which features an LCD screen as a method to cut costs, it release might make buyers face a pretty difficult decision when it comes to purchasing it.

The LCD screened budget iPhone X will come in a range of colors which means Apple has finally made up with the rainbow.

Ming-Chi Kuo, the reliable leaker everybody awaits for when it comes to new releases, has said multiple times a few time ago that the flagship will come in orange, blue, grey, red, and white as well.

However, another report says something else about these rumors

Contrary to this, a publication called Macotakara has another point of view. They say the budget iPhone will come in taupe, bright orange, electric blue, black, white and even flash yellow. Unfortunately, the publication does not say anything about a red colored iPhone to be in the pipeline.

When it came to iPhone 8 and iPhone 7, their red variants came in later in their lifecycle so it might happen the same with the case of this phone. The budget iPhone will measure 6.1 inches and will not be equipped with an OLED panel but an LCD one instead.

As the price drops, so might be the internal specs of the phone in order to cut the costs of production.

If Apple comes up with this color, it will be the first time since 2013 that the company does so. The iPhone 5C came with colors such as green, white, pink, blue and yellow.

When it came, the iPhone 5S was on the market, so it featured its specs but in a cheaper version of course.

About the high-end iPhone X, it is expected to come with a new gold color beside the current black and white colors of the actual flagship phone.



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