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Apple FaceTime Bug Leads to the Feature Being Shut from the Server Side

Apple has found a bug in its FaceTime video calling facility on the iOS devices. Following the identification of the bug, Apple has since withdrawn this feature from its server end. Those making one on one video calls within the feature can continue to make the calls without any difficulty. The vulnerability is described thus: as soon as someone makes a call from Group FaceTime, he or she can start listening to the sounds from the other end even before the call is answered. The disabling now means if you tried adding your name to an ongoing call it will not permit you to do so.

Solution Within a Week

Since this Group FaceTime was launched only recently, in October 2018, it is estimated that the bug might have been there all along. It was the firmware update iOS 12.1 that added this feature to all iOS devices.

Apple has now taken control of the feature and is said to be working on a swift solution to fix the bug and let the users get back to having group conversations as before. Having limited the damage by suspending the feature from their end, the company’s technical team is working on an update patch that will be shared before the end of this week so that the issue is taken care of permanently.

Meanwhile, there was some political/administrative activity witnessed in the New York city Tuesday as the state’s Governor Andrew Cuomo taking it upon himself to issue a statement for public consumption. In the statement, he has drawn attention to this issue with the Group Face Time on the iOS devices. Interestingly, he has termed this bug as a security risk that could breach the privacy of the citizens of New York and has asked them to be alert to the situation. He has added in the end that he calls upon the company to send out the fix as soon as possible.

There’s a manual method to disable this Group FaceTime on your iOS device and you can do it yourself too.

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