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Apple Expecting Higher Sales than Expected of the 2019 iPhones

Nikkei Asian Review carried a news story that Apple has advised the suppliers of its latest iPhone 11 models to increase their production by up to 10%. This comes as music to the ears of the ardent Apple fans since earlier reports were that the sales figures were dropping. There were other assessments by observers that Apple has not made too many changes in its iPhones this year. People felt that factors like the overall downward trend seen in smartphone sales and Apple’s high pricing policy will lead to a drop in sales. This report appears to convey that the ground situation is the reverse of earlier predictions.

New Camera Arrangement the Main Attraction?

One immediate explanation for Apple producing extra iPhones this year is that the improved optics arrangement could have appealed to a large section of the buyer/user community. It must be clarified that the reports suggest that the production increase is being planned only for the iPhone 11 and the iPhone 11 Pro models. There is a downward revision for the iPhone 11 Max model, it is learned.

iPhone 11 Pro Max

The dual-camera setup in the iPhone 11 and the triple sensors in the iPhone 11 Pro are a marked improvement on their predecessors. The average smartphone user must be able to get more out of an image clicked with an iPhone with all its superior editing features.

Pricing Another Factor for Better Sales

The other significant point being made is that the iPhone 11, at $699, gives a better price point for acquisition by a buyer when compared to the iPhone XR that is officially priced at $749. This could be enough reason for many buyers to upgrade to the iPhone 11. The added benefits of a better processor, latest OS and the cameras as described above are a bonus.

Observers see this news of Apple asking for a hike in the production plan as the opposite of what was witnessed in the last few years. Then, the decision would be to scale it down post the launch after looking at the market feedback. There is also the possibility that Apple had placed its initial orders for lower quantities as it was not sure how the markets would receive the models and has now asked for an increase in supplies. Such fine details are not available at this point to make a confirmation.

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