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Apple Delays Major iOS 12 Project Until 2019

If you were excited about this year’s major iOS 12 projects, you will have to wait another year because Apple is reportedly delaying the new updates until 2019. These past few months, Apple has been criticized by users over security and quality issues with their devices as well as the “batterygate” issue (Apple confirmed they throttled the performance of older iPhones). According to Bloomberg and Axios, the company decided to put aside iOS 12 features for now and focus on addressing quality and reliability issues instead.

iPhone Updates

The new iPhone updates which were initially expected to be pushed out earlier this month include: a refresh of the Home screen, new algorithms used by photo management application for shooting, editing, and sharing photos, improvements to the mail app and a combination of third-party apps running on iOS devices and Macs.

Reports say that Apple users can still look forward to some small updates which will be released this year such as: parental control improvements, health features, augmented reality enhancements and other smaller updates destined for the keynote, plus possibly new Facetime video calling features.


However, a more stable operating system is preferred over all of these features and it seems that engineers will change their strategy and dedicate more resources to fix bugs and vulnerabilities and develop small tweaks. In the past few months alone, Apple has been dealing with flaws in their software that allowed people to access data without a password on Mac computers, other software bugs as well as the infamous Meltdown and Spectre vulnerabilities that as we all know, affected many other big companies. Apple also put a lot of effort into making enough iPhone X smartphones to sell for the launch.

However, this is not the first time the company prioritized performance over new features, because similar scenarios happened in 2015 with their iOS 9 release and in recent years with their Mac updates. Apple wants to make their devices more responsive and stable and to reduce customer support related issues.

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