Apple Cuts Down Production of iPhone 12 Mini in Favour of iPhone 12 Pro

Every year, Apple comes up with an upgraded model of iPhone and its subsidiary models. The same happened the last year as the global tech giant launched iPhone 12. However, there was another important that accompanied the introduction of the new generation iPhone model. Apple offered its loyalists something innovative and fresh in the form of the iPhone 12 mini.

The iPhone 12 mini had many of the upgraded features which the iPhone 12 came with. It had an A14 Bionic, a Super Retina XDR display coupled with a front cover made of Ceramic Shield, and a robust dual-camera system. The phone was compact, sturdy, and durable. It was an ideal device for those who liked great high-quality pictures and videos but didn’t want to carry around a bulky camera or phone. The phone was made available in as many as five different aluminum finishes.

While it was expected that Apple would upscale the production of its newly launched phone, the exact opposite has happened. It has been learned that the Cupertino based company has decided to bring a drastic reduction in the manufacturing of the iPhone 12 mini. According to an investment note published on PED30, Apple has decided to cut down the production of the device by two million units to expand production capacity for the iPhone 12 Pro.

The primary reason behind this decision is supposed to be quite simple. While the iPhone 12 mini has seen a fair amount of popularity coming its way, the demand for it is nowhere close to the kind iPhone 12 Pro has witnessed. The iPhone 12 Pro has turned out to be one of the most popular models of iPhone released in the last four years and that has, naturally, led Apple towards accelerating its production.

Every company has a certain amount of bandwidth. It can’t manufacture products beyond this bandwidth or capacity. Therefore, to enable an increase in the production of an in-demand product like the iPhone 12 Pro, Apple would have to slow down the production of the iPhone 12 mini. The company, perhaps, believes that cutting down the production of the latter won’t really make it difficult for the company to meet the relatively moderate demand for it.

The report also brought to the fore the fact that the non-Pro ‌iPhone 12‌ models have a higher demand in China than in the United States. The iPhone 12, reportedly, has a 20.3 percent market share in China. This is the highest growth percentage the model has registered in the last eighteen months. Apart from this, the iPhone 12 has also managed to have the largest install base of any iPhone introduced in the Chinese market in the last four years in the first month after its launch.

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