Apple Could be Manufacturing iPhone XE, The Successor of iPhone SE, in India

Apple Could be Manufacturing iPhone XE, The Successor of iPhone SE, in India

There’s more to the rumors of Apple intending to reintroduce the iPhone SE with the moniker iPhone XE. These reports are quite confident of the information and claim the information has emerged from someone from within Foxconn in India, the company Apple has engaged for assembling its models in the Asian country.

Some Latest Features May be Added

It is known that after Apple released the iPhone SE in 2016, not much change was made to the phone. However, now it appears that the company may incorporate some of the features that have come into the market in the intervening period. One of them could do with the display. These reports suggest that the new iPhone XE will have a 5.42 inch AMOLED display. Earlier rumors had said it might be a 4.8 inch OLED display. Whether it is 4.8 inches or 5.42 inches, the display will be bezel-free, as it appears. That could satisfy one section of the user community which would want more real estate on the display screen, to enjoy their videos and games.

iPhone XE India

The rumors are certain that there will be no home button and some claim there will be the notch to house the front camera. The Face ID feature will, therefore, be a part of this new iPhone XE.

On the processor front, the A12 chipset might be continued if one went by the reports quoted above. As for the camera, a 12MP sensor with a f/1.8 lens will be fitted on this budget phone.

Sceptics Question the Naming

When it comes to Apple, half the time is lost in making guesses about the designs and features of the devices it is expected to launch. And some rumors contradict others. In this case of the iPhone XE, for example, there are people who question the logic behind calling the phone iPhone XE. The ‘X’ in the iPhone nomenclature crept in due to the 10th year of its launch. Carrying it forward to this phone, whether it is launched this year or in 2020 does not make any sense, argue these people. When the iPhone SE was unveiled, it was explained that the SE stood for Special Edition. But at one level, it may be futile to look for so much justification in the nomenclature of smartphone models.

The broad contours of this new development is that Apple is indeed planning to bring a smaller sized iPhone which could be manufactured in India.

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