Apple Begins iPhone 9 and iPhone X Plus Production, Expected Release Date in September

Apple Begins iPhone 9 and iPhone X Plus Production, Expected Release Date in September

Apple has reportedly begun the production of iPhone X 2018, iPhone X Plus and reportedly the iPhone 9 as well in the month of April so that they can be ready to start shipping the product in September this year.

The information comes from a Taiwan publication named Economic Daily and reported by the website Joseilbo. Samsung will officially begin production of the OLED displays in May which will be used in the iPhone X 2018, iPhone X Plus models. The company had high hopes that OLED will become the norm once Apple uses the panel in their flagship phone but things didn’t go as planned as the phone cost a whopping $999 that put off a lot of buyers.

iPhone 9 is Coming with iPhone X Plus

While previous reports claimed otherwise, Apple is not ditching the traditional iPhone which still sports a home button and looks outdated compared to the new bezel-less smartphone. The iPhone 9 is part of the release schedule and Apple will launch all these models in a grand event expected to take place in the month of September this year.

The report confirms that Samsung will start the production of OLED panels in May and they are planning to double the production quantity so as to cope up with growing demand. There is also a rumor that Apple may choose to split the launch and the follow-up for the iPhone X could get launched as early as June or in the early third-quarter of 2018.

iPhone X 2018

iPhone X 2018 Release Date Expected in Late June

The company opines that the iPhone X was launched very late in the month of October which hindered its sales along with its price tag. While Apple will obviously not reduce the pricing of the model, they are reportedly planning to push the release date earlier so that they could get more buyers onboard.

The iPhone X 2018 supposedly coming with full bezel-less display and Face ID towards the end of June sounds too close and Apple may rather choose to launch it in September to give enough time for production. Three different iPhone models including the iPhone X OLED edition, iPhone X Plus and another cheaper model with LCD display will get launched in September. Going by the report from the Taiwanese magazine, an iPhone 9 is also in the works which further leads to the speculation that Apple may launch four different devices and not just three.

If they do so, Apple has to split the launch dates in September and October so they can boost sales for all their models.



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