Apple in 2018 – Bigger But Cheaper Phones, Revenue Problems and Issues

For 2018, Apple is planning larger but cheaper iPhone releases. Yet there is almost no information on what the future iPhone will come with, we already know a few things about the future Apple’s flagship. Besides, Apple faces some revenue problems and it seems that more iPhone battery issues are still reported by iPhone users.

Future iPhone releases will be bigger but cheaper

It seems that the Apple engineers and developers plan on building bigger but cheaper iPhone smartphones.

It has been already leaked that the new iPhone will come with a 6.5-inch display which could mean that the future Apple flagship phone will be the biggest smartphone ever.

On the other hand, the future iPhone smartphones will be cheaper only in terms of materials used and quality because in terms of costs they will target the same price range as iPhone 8 – around $699.

The future iPhone X, for example, is said to come with a 6.1-inch display (bigger than previous releases) but with LCD technology instead of the better OLED display, and with aluminum corners, instead of stainless steel.

Apple revenue problems

Even though Apple is investing big money in marketing campaigns and has a lot of support from fans and media, its revenues have been decreasing continuously since 2015.

Although iPhone X hit the market packing the latest OLED display technology, Face ID,  and wireless charging, Apple revenues continue to decrease.

However, the Cupertino-based company has been very careful to hide the figures that show its sales decline since 2015.

iPhone battery issues to be solved in court

Tens of trials claiming that Apple deliberately reduced the power of past iPhone models accumulators to force clients to switch to the newly released iPhone models will be heard on March 29th in a courtroom in Atlanta, Georgia.

People have accused Apple of remotely reducing the older iPhone’s accumulators in January to force users to buy recently released iPhone models.

In conclusion, Apple revenues have decreased continuously since 2015, and even though the latest released iPhone models came out with improvements and so will the future ones, the Apple is still accused of iPhone battery issues.

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