Apparently, the iPhone XS will Come with a Hidden Second Notch

Apparently, the iPhone XS will Come with a Hidden Second Notch

Yesterday marked the official launch date for the iPhone XS, so this means that we are finally finding out all the little tidbits about Apple’s new products, including those that weren’t included in the early reviews. Let’s start with the drop test, shall we? The first drop test available on Youtube is a clear indication that the iPhone X’s durability was clearly exceeded by the iPhone XS engineers.

Another new piece of information was the news that Apple is apparently planning to release AirPower. While this was expected to happen just in time for the iPhone XS’s arrival, it definitely didn’t work out since we haven’t seen it happen yet. This teardown is really what everyone that cares about Apple was waiting to happen. Now we have come across a weird little detail concerning the new Apple product which might take us all by surprise.

Just earlier this week, we came across some iPhone XS documentation. It was apparently filled by Apple with a Chinese regulator and it reveals that Apple’s new flagship phone, the iPhone XS is packing a battery power that is slightly smaller than what we saw with last year’s iPhone X. However, despite what you are currently thinking right now, this new smartphone will apparently last about 30 minutes longer than the model that was released just last year.

A completely comprehensive teardown was performed by iFixit and it was just released on the internet. It concerns the iPhone XS and the larger version, the iPhone XS Max. Through reading it we have obtained a proper explanation as to why the smaller battery exists and fares better than what was inside the iPhone X.

Inside the iPhone XS, there is but a single L-shaped battery. The iPhone XS Max, on the other hand, comes with two battery cells, making it pretty similar to last year’s iPhone X. Various sites presented a side-by-side comparison between these year’s models, the iPhone XS and XS Max, and the iPhone X, which was released last year. When looked upon closely, the images show that there is a weird little notch hidden in the battery of the iPhone XS.

This was found thanks to X-ray imaging, so the three phones were X-ray photographed for a better view of their inner works. The resulting photo reveals a peculiar battery design for the current flagship phone, the iPhone XS. That’s the hidden notch which was mentioned in the title. You might not take our word for it, and it is usually a good thing to be a sceptic. However, at least one battery design pattern shows Apple describing it as a notch. That settles it, we hope.

Moving on, what would possess Apple to include a notch inside a battery? Why would it need it? Again, iFixit comes to the rescue. According to them, there is a challenge that comes with every lithium-polymer battery cell and that is represented by each corner’s needing to be sealed. That is required so that undue stress which results from thermal expansion can be properly prevented. If you don’t know this already, the iPhone XS comes with a battery that has 6 corners, as opposed to the traditional battery with just 4 corners. Those two extra corners can prove to be quite tricky. So, in order to reduce the stress which might accumulate on those corners, Apple chose to incorporate a notch inside the internal corner of the battery, as it was previously described in a 2016 patent.

This kind of shift can safely be regarded as a dramatic one and it can open up a lot of possibilities when it comes to design. This large notch is responsible for the decrease in capacity when compared to the iPhone X. However, only time will be the judge of how this new cell will perform with age.

Another factor worth noting is that there isn’t any evidence that would suggest new waterproofing. This suggests that the iPhone X’s water ingress protection was maybe undersold by Apple. Also, a brand new chip was designed and incorporated by Apple inside the iPhone XS Max. The power management processor found inside the Max model is called 338S00456.



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