In-App YouTube Playback on WhatsApp for iPhone 6 and Up

WhatsApp is one of the most popular instant messaging apps in the world, but its competitors have stepped up their games lately, so it’s time for it to do the same. If you’re one to keep up with the latest tech news, then you know that Viber, one of the other popular apps of this sort, have just added in-app YouTube video playback within message chats, as well as the ability to view other types of media directly in there as well.

Well, reportedly WhatsApp is also experimenting with this function, but only of iPhones 6 and up so far. Some users have declared that the version of WhatsApp that is now available in the Apple App Store contains a hidden feature that allows you to view a YouTube video you send or receive directly in the chat window, so it’s no longer necessary to click the link and wait for it to open somewhere else.

In order for the function to work, you or your chat partner have to share a YouTube video either by sending the link or by sharing it from YouTube’s share grid. Inside your private chat the video will be displayed much like it happens in Facebook Messenger, with a dropdown of it that has a clickable play button. This can be done in both individual and group chats, so have no fear, you can also share this with multiple friends at the same time.

We believe that this is just the beginning. If WhatsApp wants to follow in Viber’s footsteps, it will have to expand this function to other media as well. On top of that, we Android users out there also want to see it in your version of the app, so WhatsApp devs, you’d better get to it.

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