Anti Phishing Features for Gmail on Android

Anti Phishing Features for Gmail on Android

Google has been rolling out an update recently for the Gmail app for Android. The newest addition is the Anti Phishing feature. This update comes only hours after a massive phishing attack that targeted Gmail users.

After you update the Gmail for Android App to the most recent version, you will see a warning message every time you click on a suspicious link. Even though it’s not the safest way to deal with the issue, it is still useful to warn people about the potential danger. However, keep in mind that the messages can also show up on sites that are totally legit.

What to Do If You’re a Victim

If you are a victim of a phishing attack, then the thing to do is to go to the console that shows you the Google connected sites. From there, you are able to revoke any access to the Google Docs. The next step you should do is to change the password for your Google Account.

Google’s Stance

According to a blog post made by Google, the update rollout will be finished sometime between 1 and 3 days. This is the safest way to protect your data is to use the latest version that gets released. In fact, the anti phishing feature has been highly appreciated by users.

Besides the actual protection that this recent update offers, users also appreciate the fact that Google showed that it cares about their users’ safety and privacy. It wouldn’t be the first time they do that, but it’s obvious that it’s a great marketing strategy and that they are gaining lots of image capital through this. Moreover, the thing here is that there are lots of malicious people trying to exploit any vulnerability and to take advantage of lack of information, so you have to keep yourself informed and up to date.

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