Another List of The Many Troubles Fixes of the PlayStation 3

Another List of The Many Troubles Fixes of the PlayStation 3

A very famous and worldwide recognized home game console and owned by thousands is the PlayStation 3. Just like other electronic devices the PS3 is bound to go faulty at times and face issues that might leave some people actually contemplating to throw away their PS3 when the problem is miniscule. Whether you are facing the YLOD or flashing lights problem below is a small and practical list you can check out and see if it will help you in fixing your PS3 issue.

  • Overheating

A very common problem amongst PS3s is the overheating. In fact a common problem amongst many electronic devices! If your PS3 starts overheating and the ventilation fan starts emitting loud noises (for it’s trying to air the inner hardware items) begin with keeping your PS3 away from other heat-emitting items. If this does not work you might be facing a serious hardware problem.

  • Freezing 

When your PS3 freezes DO NOT panic for in panic you might do something that may harm your PS3. Instead go for the force shutdown option! Press down on your PS3’s power button until everything switches off and you’re left with a blank screen. Power it on again and resume your playing with no freezing.

But if the freezing persists then an alternative would be booting your PS3 in Safe Mode. You can use the very last option in the list from the menu to format all of your system and re-install the firmware. Take note that you take this stance only if the ‘Safe Mode’ method did not work.

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  • Disc Reading

We mentioned this in our previous article in detail and you can read all about it if this method does not work out for you.

After placing a disk in your drive and you see a blank screen there are a couple of things you should do. Firstly, confirm that your cables are not plugged in loosely or are shaky in any way. Also check twice the cable that runs from you Blu-ray drive to your console. Another technique is to try cleaning the disk and drive then try again. It has been said that playing a different DVD or CD may help fix the issue.

  • Video Deformation

Falling in the category of one of the common PS3 problems, there is an easy fix for your issue. Loose cables may also be the major issue that is irritating you. Check your cables and wires and ensure that they are plugged in properly. An erroneous display setting you may have mistakenly applied can be the cause to your video distortion.

Every time you connect your PS3 to a TV, it maintains its display settings. So once you disconnect your PS3 from your TV or when you connect it to another one, remember to fix your display settings.

  • XMB not Loading

This one is the easiest one of all! Simply go to your Settings > System Settings and restore your PS3’s system settings. That should fix your issue.

  • Flashing Red Lights

Getting alarmed by your repetitive red flashing lights from your PS3? Again this issue may be the cause of your loosely fitted cables. Once again ensure that your cables are properly plugged in. If in any case your cables are damaged or slit in any place you might want to start considering getting a new set of cables.

Another reason may be for there is a lot of dust accumulated in your PS3’s hardware or because of little ventilation. For e.g. if your ventilation fan is pushed up against a wall, you have to move it for your fan must have a free reign so as it can air your PS3. Also you can start with cleaning all this extra dust from your PS3.

Keep in mind that whenever you hit a snag with your PS3’s hardware or system settings you can always try figuring out the issue and fixing it at home. Not necessary you pay a trip to your provider. Also try not open up your PS3 for that will invalidate your warranty if you are still within the range of one.




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