Android vs. iOS – Security Capabilities Comparison

Lately, both the Android and the iOS have been boosted in terms of security, with the addition of encryption and others. As such, this begs the question of which of the two operating systems is the better one.

Google and Apple

It is important to know that Google and Apple have been in rivalry with each other for quite a long time, not dissimilar to the situation between Linux and Windows. Even so, this competition pans out to contexts such as security capabilities. Both of them have strong security features, but in today’s IT world, every little difference matters.


Android security updates are launched on monthly basis by Google. But this is not the case for all their devices, seeing as the Pixel and Nexus users get the update instantly. Other manufacturers can have delays, or even entire updates that are skipped. Google has defensive system built-in that functions against applications that it deems them a safety risk. These can occasionally be false positives, but that’s not something every user is bound to know.

As of Android Marshmallow’s release, the boot verification system became a regular feature. What this does is that it checks for potential defects in your operating system. This can send out errors if, for example, the user has a custom-made ROM or if it has been rooted. Encryption also became a standard presence since the release of Nexus 6.


The App Store can be considered Apple’s crowning security creation. Any application that wants to be part of the Apple Store must pass several security requirements imposed by Apple, as well as several tests. Users of Apple devices also benefit from increased controllability in many of the security features present in the OS. Encryption being one of them, which can be turned on via the device’s settings tab. Users are also able to disable Siri should they chose so.

As of the latest update for the iOS, the passcode requirements have been bumped up significantly. The latest length for the PIN code is six characters. Also, the addition of a fingerprint reader will allow you to access your applications without the need of having to input a password.

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