Android vs. iOS – Hardware and Security Capabilities

If you are inclined to purchase a smartphone that will help you in your business or work life, then you will want to consider either an iPhone or an Android smartphone. While overall they are similar in form and function, there are some differences that could determine which one you’d like to choose. More specifically, we are going to be looking at differences in security capabilities and hardware.

Hardware specifications

This will be your first starting point when you consider what phone you want. It’s important to take into consideration what you will need the phone to excel in. For the business inclined, you might be interested in a phone that has a strong battery life, or that has a big screen to help view more information, or maybe a smartphone that will not crush your wallet. Luckily, Android phones are available in all shapes and sizes and have tones of examples to choose from.  You could also consider maybe a tablet for your office needs.

Sadly, Apple is a bit less expansive in the devices you can choose from. With many of its older models being out-performed considerably by its newer, more expensive models. However, if you are inclined to buy an iPhone you will find that it will be a lot easier to pick which one you want when compared to Android. Android devices are so numerous that it might potentially take days of research until you find your preferred one.

Security capabilities

As for security concerns, things are not so simple. Apple’s iOS has two significant advantages, namely in the fact that it has strict control of all its components. This refers to everything from the hardware all the way up to the software that you can get. Also, if you wish to purchase older models, you will benefit from security updates.

Android faces, again, the potential problems that come with so many manufacturers that make Android supported phones. So you will have to individually research the security capabilities of each phone and their security update plans.

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