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Android Q Beta Version Available for OnePlus 7 and 7 Pro Users

Android Q is the upcoming version of Android. Users are excited about the launch of this version. This version is not yet officially released for public use. OnePlus users can try out this new version of Android on both OnePlus 7 and OnePlus 7 Pro phones. A beta version is available for the users to try and experience the features of Android Q. Though the stable build for android Q is not yet available, you can try out the beta version. This is a very exciting piece of news for a lot of people waiting to try out the Android Q.

The Android Q comes with a lot of great new features. The security aspect has seen a facelift. Users can do away with additional layers of security while using biometric recognition. This means that after unlocking an app using face recognition, the user can avoid the necessity to confirm their identity within an app further. Another exciting feature is the availability of peer to peer connections for the users. Users wanting to use the connections for non-networking purposes like Chromecast or Bootstrapping can do it easily with this version of Android. A low latency mode has been added to this version. This is especially useful for gamers. Wifi has seen some adjustments and is expected to provide high performance.

Oneplus 7 Pro Android Q Beta

A unique call screening facility is being added in the Android Q version, and this will automatically screen and block unwanted calls. These will be stored in an internal registry. The concept of scoped storage is also being introduced for file storage. Using this technology, users will be able to influence where and how the files should be stored in external devices.

A lot of bugs have been reported in the Beta version. Some system stability issues have also been reported. This means that the phone might crash at any point. There have been some issues regarding the rollback features and recovery mode. Hence it might be challenging to store or recover files. Messaging apps also seem to be creating some problems for users. Despite all these, if you still wish to experience the beta version, you can download them through the partner site. There are separate channels created for reporting bugs and other such issues. Any new bugs that are experienced can be reported through these channels. It is advisable not to store any critical data on the phones while trying out the Beta version. Keep periodic backups in other devices to ensure that all the data remain safe.

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