Android Q Beta 4 with Dynamic System Updates is Now Available for Pixel Smartphones

During the I/O 2019 conference, Google had announced a host of advanced Android Q features for Beta 3 build. Currently, the Californian giant is expanding out Beta 4 update to its Pixel devices with an abundance of new features and extensions. The current update carries the ultimate Android Q developer API – API 29 SDK as well as the refurbished build tools for Android Studio. This would enable developers to begin compatibility testing and prepare for the eventful launch in Q3 this year. The Beta 4 is built to bring the ‘Dynamic System Updates’ to Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL smartphones, which would enable the end users to install GSI images that are basically used for testing novice versions of Android.

New and attractive features to be introduced by Android Q Beta 4

Android Q Beta 4 brings new adaptive notifications. These features will undoubtedly help users manage their notifications in an efficient manner. The feature priorities the notifications based on user habits, and it incorporates an alternative to display advised actions and acknowledgement for chosen apps.

The feature can also be implemented in the ‘Apps & Notifications’ category in the system settings. Android Q brought in new gesture functionalities to the power button like acting as an emergency button and some other functions as well. With Beta 4, Google has supplemented one more functionality to the list. The new functionality allows users’ sneak-peek into their ‘Cards and Passes’ details saved in Google Pay, just by long-pressing the power button.

Android Q beta 4

Google might be refurbishing the ‘Smart Lock’ feature to ‘Pixel Presence’ on Pixel devices running Android Q. However, the ‘Smart Lock’ moniker is reserved in the system settings, thereby implying that it could be limited to UI. The Beta 4 also introduces four new accentuated colors- cinnamon, brown-red, blue-green, and a darker shade of blue to the existing list.

Google Android Q Beta 4 will also have the ‘Face authentication’ feature, which as the name suggests is an unlock feature that would compel users to keep their eyes open to authenticate ‘unlock’. Moreover, it would also serve for application sign-ins and payments.

Android Q beta 4 updates

The Android Q Beta 4 also has a unique ‘Screen Attention’ feature that allows the display to remain on when a person is looking at it. Finally, the navigation bar is marginally broader than before and is completely superimposed on the app behind it, without the white strip. Furthermore, the bar disappears on the home screen.

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