Android Pie New Updates Coming to Samsung Phones

The South Korean tech giant, Samsung, has a new version for their Android UI, Samsung Experience 10.0. Samsung Experience 10.0 has been very anticipated since August, when the next version of the Android was launched, Android Pie. Everybody wanted this Android update for their phones. A date has been finally posted by Samsung regarding the date when Android Pie will be available for everyone. The features of the Pie have been teased on their Samsung+ app, and they also announced that we should expect it to start rolling out on our devices starting with the first month of the next year.

Panda Pop

The teaser we got for the Android Pie does not show something that we have not heard about before. The teaser talks about the Adaptive Battery features, which in order to perform uses a custom algorithm that limits CPU usages for the app it considers battery drainers. The app has also received a nickname from Samsung, Panda Pop. The App Slices features are even talked about. What the App Slices does it recommends shortcuts to the user of the phones based on the way they are using the apps. Note 9 users have discovered that these features have not been introduced yet, which means that we should expect an update soon. One of the teaser’s other subject that was being talked about is the company’s new set of emojis.

157 new emojis are released by Samsung. They are called Unicode Emoji 11, and they come in the Android Pie. What is interesting is that Samsung has introduced a llama emoji and even a mooncake. The features that we have previously talked about are not all. We also got confirmation earlier for the Scene Optimizer and Night Theme which will be available for the Samsung Galaxy 9 models.

Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus

The leaked alpha builds to make it possible for Galaxy S9 Plus and Galaxy S9 owners to get the Samsung Experience 10.0 update without waiting until next year. Those have been previously tested, and happily, all the feature that we discussed can be found here. It was redesigned by Samsung using their new black with curved white cards aesthetic. What else should start soon is the official beta program which has the greatest team? A few days ago the support page went live, and we were informed that by the end of the month it should be launched, but we can’t really say that is 100 percent accurate. If you want to be a member of the official beta program you need to sign up into the Samsung Members app or Samsung+. A limited number of users will be accepted and that only from Korea, the US, and the UK. The beta program will not include the Galaxy Note 9.

New Changes

What is great about this update is that it has become proof that Samsung is always looking for ways to innovate their phone’s technology. Even if it comes up with a new type of processor or screen, the South Korean tech giant is continuously working on developing and improving every resource they have so that users would be happy.

Many people were also arguing about the high prices their most recent phone, the Galaxy Note 9, came with. If we take a better look at everything a person gets buying that phone or any other phone, we can say that it pays itself, especially when we think about how much effort was put into each detail that the phone offers us. The Adaptive Battery mode? It is awesome. The other features? Do not get us starting on them.

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