Android Phones Have Better Download Speed than iPhone

Android Phones Have Better Download Speed than iPhone

It is generally known that the battle between Android and iOS will never stop, so if you want to pick a side, here are little details that are not usually talked about and might help you make up your mind. This detail is the phone modem’s speed.


Ookla, the company behind the famous website comes up front with new data that suggest that it will change.

Ookla made a comparison between the Intel XMM 7480 (found in iPhone X for example) and the Qualcomm X20 from Snapdragon 845 and also found in android phones such as Samsung Galaxy S9. The results of this study suggest that Qualcomm outperforms Intel in pretty much every metric.

Snapdragon 845 Faster Speed

Ookla found on T-Mobile that a speed of download of 53 percent faster is in a phone with a Snapdragon 845 contrary to the Intel XMM 7480 modems. Another advantage of phones which sport Snapdragon 845 would have a 32 percent lower latency than the Intel XMM 7480.

A similar result was also found on AT&T but not the same. The Snapdragon 845 phones would be 20 percent faster at uploading and 40 percent at downloading. Based on Ookla’s statements, these comparisons were made taking into consideration the average of the middle 50 percent of observations. This typical amount was calculated by removing the bottom and top 25 percent of observation, and it was left with the average of 50 percent.

Implications could still be found in the results. Even though Snapdragon 845-equipped devices are clearly better with the internet connection, nobody likes slower phones. When these phones take longer to work, the cell towers will make the faster phones wait longer to get access to that full bandwidth. Obviously, this issue is not irrelevant for an iPhone-versus-Android debate, but you will not be happy when you hear iPhone users clog up a cell tower. These issues do not only happen to iPhone but also to the older Android phones. Furthermore, the lower-end Snapdragon chips are still exceeded by Intel’s newer modems.

To sum up, it is clear that Intel’s modem cannot be better than Qualcomm’s which means that a flagship iPhone is likely to download files a whole lot slower than a flagship Android phone. With that being said, we should also mention that Apple will switch from Intel’s chips so a new comparison will need to be made between the new Apple-built modems and the Qualcomm’s.

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