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Android P to be Available with Improved Security Measures

In recent news, we’ve come to know the fact that Android P will not let applications to access a device’s camera or microphone if they run in the background. This is actually a good idea, due to the fact that it secures your device and you won’t have to worry about dangerous apps that run in the background.

Google to have problems with security?

We all know how good Google got when it came to security. With all of that, reports of dangerous apps are everywhere, and they appear from month to month. There’ve been some cases, just like the one with GhostCtrl, the malware that secretly recorded audio and video material with the help of Android phones.

Android Open Source Project

Android P was firstly known to be placed in the Android Open Source Project from 19th of January. This states that any app which is found idle and is running in the background will get to experience an error code if it even tries to access the camera.

There are already apps which do that

With all that in mind, of course, there are different opinions regarding this matter. There’s one scenario in which the user doesn’t know that the camera is recording at that time. There are apps on the market which are anti-theft apps and with the request of the user, it can even record with the front camera to catch some images of the thief and surroundings – all of this without them knowing at all. And if there are these incredibly smart apps, is it really necessary for Android P to just shade all of them?

Where’s Android Oreo?

And the fact that Android P is going to launch sometime soon, with its release closer and closer day by day, it does not help the fact that not all Android devices have the latest operating system, Android 8.0 Oreo running on their gadgets. Only 1.1% of them all enjoy this new software.

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