Android P-like Features Available on any Phone

Now your phone can be smarter if you get these apps which somehow outshine their operating system equivalents.

However, you can’t really have this better than with an actual OS update, but below is what you can try.

Gesture navigation

  1. Navigation gestures (free with optional $1.50 add-on)

This app claims to replicate the same concept along with some added customizations. For features such as returning home, going back, open Assistant or the recent apps, it will put a pill at the bottom of your screen that you can tap once, swipe left, long-press and respectively swipe right to activate them. You can also add other gestures and delete the ones mentioned.

A little disadvantage is that the app’s gesture navigation system resides on top of your traditional system navigation buttons which gives a slight annoyance. However, you can fix that by installing Google’s command-line ABD on a computer, connect your phone and make commands from there.

  1. Edge Gestures ($2)

This app would be a better all-around solution as it offers a more advantageous and natural alternative than the pill.

You can set up gesture-ready hot zone wherever you want, on the bottom edges on the phone, on the right or left. It gives you a better way to personally customize it based on your need, and it has more features waiting to be discovered.

Control the volume better

In order to be able to reach them with a single hand, Android P shifts the on-screen volume control to the right of the screen from the top. If you want to take advantage of this feature, you can use these apps:

VolumeP (free or $1 for loads of extra customization option on the pro version)

In order to use it after installation, you need to grant the app a series of permissions regarding the phone’s volume-control function so the app can take over it. To have a better experience, only enable the “VolumeP2” line because the interfaces will overlap if you also enable the “VolumeP” one.

Now you can use it just like before, from the volume buttons.

Smarter rotation lock

If you want to take advantage of Android P’s small icon put in the corner that pops when the devices senses rotation, here is the app for you.

Android P Rotation (it has optional in-app upgrades but otherwise is free).

What this app does is to have that small icon appear in the corner of your display everytime it senses rotation and not automatically rotating the screen. Before installing the app though, disable the device’s setting for auto-rotation.

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