Android P Leaks With Wi-Fi Changes

Android fans are aware by now that the latest OS installment will come with a host of new features. Each and every one of them addresses an aspect of our daily use that is important to us. However, one feature that some people seem to have overlooked is the importance of turning off a Wi-Fi hotspot when no device is linked to it. Google is aware of this issue which is why they have decided to address it with Android P. Today we will be talking more at length about what this new feature entails and how it will make your Android experience better.

Android P and Wi-Fi control

Most people create a hotspot for someone in need and leave it on so that person can get online. However, when they are done with the connection, they may log out, but most of us tend to forget to turn off the hotspot since nobody is using it anymore. People that check more often may realize this issue in a number of minutes or maybe an hour or two but others are more forgetful, and they leave their hotspot active sometimes for days on end.

With Android P we now have a new toggle present in the Wi-Fi hotspot menu. What this feature does is allow you to ask the OS to turn off the hotspot automatically if no devices are connected to it. This will prevent others from trying to connect to the network that you forgetfully left on.

This is a welcome addition along with all the other features. Not only will it help you save up some battery life, take more care of your hotspot connection, but it will also ensure to a degree that others will not be able to hack into your hotspot connection and gain access to your mobile data. Or worse.

Of course, this is not the first time that we have ever seen this feature appear. On the App Store, a number of third-party apps offer you a similar option, but we are happy to see that the new Android OS will not require other apps in order to do this small thing. We are certain that almost everyone will turn this feature on when Android P will become available in its official version. It is the perfect way to ensure that a small forgetful act will be rectified by your OS system so that you do not have to constantly check and make sure that everything is alright.

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