Android P Home Screen Upgrades and More Security

Back during Google’s I/O conference, the company publicly announced the release of the latest Android OS, titles Android P. This operating system will be the ninth major release in the Android version that we have had up to now. The OS is still in its beta form for now, and it is only available for a select number of devices to be tested out. Today we would like to give you more details about this device and what it can do.

Home screen upgrades

The home screen was the first aspect that was upgraded by the dominant tech company. The layout has been changed noticeably. The clock is now featured on the left side whereas it was on the right side before. There are now new dividers between the time and the notification bar. If with previous version you had an orange marker on the battery showing that Power Saver mode was on, with Android P that feature has been taken out.

Notification Bar

A significant upgrade to the notification bar that people will love is the fact that you can now read your messages right from the notification bar, eliminating the struggle of trying to read the message you have received without having the sender see that seen notification. We’ve all been there. The new notification bar now also shows images and emojis on it. You also have a reply option available in the notification popup now.

Screenshot upgrade

If you want to take your screenshot right now, it would be effortless. Push a couple of buttons, and it is done. However, if you’re going to edit that screenshot, you would have to upload it into some third party app to do that. Yet, with Android P that hurdle is taken out since now, you can directly edit screenshots after you have taken them.

More security

With each Android OS, we see more security features being added and we have to admit that we are not against them. With Android, P Google has worked hard to focus on client-side encryption. This means that the data that you have on your phone can only be encrypted or decrypted there and the phone needs authentication to do that. Moreover, an idle app or one that runs in the background will no longer be able to use some of the features that it has access to, such as the camera or the microphone

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