Android P Beta 3 on the OnePlus 6 with New Changelog

Android P Beta 3 on the OnePlus 6 with New Changelog

New implementation of Android P Beta 3 on the OnePlus 6

One of the few OEM that work with Google on bringing Android P developer previews to their devices is OnePlus. Android P Developer Preview 4 (Beta 3) for the OnePlus 6 is a recent release, so let’s check it out. The company has been hard at work adding not just new features but stabilizing OxygenOS based on Android P for a future release.

OnePlus 6 Android P Beta 3 Changelog

The list below shows the visual changes:

  • Shelf Redesign
  • New Lock Screen and Quick Toggles
  • Sleep Standby Optimization
  • New Alert Slider, Volume Control, and Power Menu Animations
  • New horizontal recent apps menu

Now, here is OnePlus’ official changelog.

  1. System
  • Updated Google Mobile Services
  • No more issues with hotspot functionality
  • Updated Android security patch to 2018.7
  • Better system stability
  1. Camera
  • More qualitative image
  • No more issues with watermark option functionality
  1. Third-Party Apps
  • Third-party apps now function better with camera
  • No more problems with compatibility with specific third-party apps

Some other problems:

  1. System
  • Issues with the consumption and stability of power
  1. Bluetooth
  • Bluetooth connectivity has got issues
  1. Third-Party Apps
  • If certain apps run on the Developer preview release, they might not function

Android P Beta 3 on the OnePlus 6

New Recents Menu

Google Pixel smartphones that have Android P Beta 2 now have new recent menu while OnePlus does not hurry to do that.

On the top right of the phone is the relocation of the split-screen, the lock, and fullscreen modes so if you want to enable these functions, you will need to use that menu.

New Lock Screen and Quick Toggles

New quick toggle sections and cleaner lock screen were recently introduced while the new icons give it a cleaner look.

New Alert Slider, Volume Control, and Power Menu Animations

The volume controls, power menu and alert slider have new small animations. Now in order to change the alert slider the screen off will no longer wake up the ambient mode.

New icons were also introduced for media controls, and power menu and they fit the Android P design language.

Sleep Standby Optimization

What is also added to the OxygenOS 5.1.9 is the new sleep standby optimization. While it does not take part in the OxyenOs, it is still turned on by default. This is an advantage for the phone’s battery life as it disables the network connection when you no longer use the phone.



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