Android P and iOS 12 Will Help You Use Your Phone Less

Android P and iOS 12 Will Help You Use Your Phone Less

By now it is well-known that Android and iOS are in constant competition with one another, looking to come up with new and exciting features to combat the other. However, they seem to reach a unanimous decision when it comes to relevant topics. And one of the latest problems that users of both OS feel is that they are slowly falling into an addiction for their smartphones. Today we will be talking about how both Android P and iOS 12 will limit the time that we spend on our phones and how that is a good thing, more than you can imagine.

Screen Time and App Timer from Apple and Google

These two features belong respectively to Apple and Google. Apple designed Screen Time as a feature that will monitor the amount of time that you spend on a weekly basis on apps and websites. Not only this, but it can also create a detailed daily Activity Report of the amount of time that you spent on some app or mobile game. This is a step in the right direction, allowing users to see just how much time they spend on apps and how that affects their daily routines.

Say you spent one hour on Twitter doing nothing but scrolling through tweets, but you only said or felt that a couple of minutes passed. Screen Time is here to help you realize that. Having a look at one of our other articles, AI is the core of Android P, making it easier to function.

The same thing can be said about App Timer since it does most of the things as Screen Time. They are almost identical. They both have an option for the user to set a time limit for each app after that time limit has passed he or she will be unable to keep using the respective app. Sounds a bit harsh, but in a world where we have become addicted to our phones, using them on a regular basis and as escapes from uncomfortable or dull moments, this is a wakeup call.

We are sure that we are not the only people who said at one point that we would only spend five minutes checking our e-mails our social media accounts just to make sure that we did not receive an important message. And before we know it, two hours have passed, and we are scrolling through the Explore page on Instagram looking for more cute cat videos or wasting time on Facebook. The list goes on.

Now, with iOS 12 and Android P, we will finally be able to acknowledge our habits and better control them. On the other hand, iOS 13 is getting more attention than iOS 12. We will surely expect advanced features.

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