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Android O Now Gets Its Number – What We Know So Far?

It’s been a while since Google announced they were working on a new Android project and then revealed the full details at Google I/O. We’re talking about Android O, which is the project’s codename. But now it seems that the final version is finally approaching, and Android O got its number. The OS is currently during its third developer preview, and upon inspecting system settings in it, one can find that the OS is now named Android 8.0.0.

This certainly puts an end to the slightly ridiculous rumors that the big OS project might in fact just be Android 7.2. I mean, we all knew it wouldn’t, Google had been making too much of a fuss about it to let it just be another version of Nougat. But who knew what they were actually up to? Well, now we do know, and it’s Android 8.0.0.

We Want Candy!

However, there is still one big reveal that needs to be made: Google needs to let us know what delicious treat the new Android OS will be named after. Many are speculating that the ‘O’ stands for Oreo, and that could work, but who know how Google will surprise us? Oreo is the main rumor right now, but the possibilities here are endless. After all, no one saw Nougat coming and yet it did.

The new Android O should come along in its final stable version this fall, but seeing how quickly Google improves it, we’re hoping it might come even sooner. The new OS comes with an all new design for Android devices and a strong focus on increased notification and organizational functionality. All in all, Android 8.0.0 is shaping up to be a very interesting product thus far, so we’re more than excited to see what its final version has to offer.

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