Android O Features – What’s New?

Android O Features – What’s New?

If you’ve been keeping up with what Google has been up to, then you know that Android O, now known as Android 8.0, is on its way and might enjoy an early fall launch if all goes well. The operating system is currently at its fourth developer preview, one that took quite a while to come to devices, so this means that maybe the OS is almost stabilized and could roll out to our Android devices during the scheduled time slot.

Needless to say, both trained developers and the general registered for testing public have been working long and hard on making Android 8.0 the best it can be. So, what’s new with Android O? Nothing much to be honest, just one very aesthetically pleasing improvement. Want to know what we’re talking about? Keep reading to find out.

New Icons

App icons are something that can either make or break a new operating system. At the end of the day, it won’t matter how advanced and modern an OS is if the app icons look dated and aging. Google knows this more than anyone because Android has long been criticized for its cartoonish and not so modern little green Android head icon. But now the company is ready to hit the refresh button on the looks of their mobile operating system, and one important step in this direction are the new app icons.

The new Android icon for apps features the Android head yet again, but now in a much more modern dark teal color, and placed over a cutting mat with a subtle grid on it. We’re not only loving the shapes and looks of it all, but also this brand new and modern color that Google chose. And when we consider that the icons will also be adjustable to fit the design of each make and model of smartphone, we can just congratulate the company on this makeover.

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