Android O Coming to Google Smartphones This August

Apple might have stolen Google’s thunder on the operating system front by unveiling iOS 11 on Monday at WWDC 2017, but Google have been on it for far longer. In fact, the Mountain View tech giant unveiled a first developer beta testing preview for Android O way back at Google I/O, and now they’ve just released a second one. A couple of more such previews are expected to come out until the official version is finalized and released.

Google usually releases new Android versions in the fall, much like Apple does with iOS (iOS 11 is coming in September). However, new info seems to indicate that the new Android O might be released sooner than expected. Google have just hinted towards their in-house smartphone lines Nexus and Pixel getting the new Android O officially this August. A late summer OS release seems like a very bold move on the part of Google, but seeing that they’re already at their second developer beta preview, it also seems highly likely and completely doable.

The new Android O that will come as a premiere to Nexus and Pixel devices in August will come to all devices at the same time, which is a new and improved OTA rolling out method that Google have been trying to implement for a while, and will finally succeed with Android O. In fact, many have complained that it takes far too long for new Android versions to reach all devices, and that was mainly due to fragmentation. Mobile carriers had to mediate the entire thing, but it seems that that’s a thing of the past now.

What about you? Are you excited for the new Android O to be released? Let us know in the comment section below, and have a nice day!

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