Android O Beta and How to Get Enrolled in it

For anyone interested in trying out the Android O then a public beta program has been made available for anyone who wants to get involved with it. First thing’s first, your device needs to be one of the few supported ones in order to try out the Beta. The supported ones are as follows: Nexus Player, Pixel, Pixel C, Pixel XL, Nexus 5X and Nexus 6p. The processes to get the beta is rather simple and it shall be covered further below.

Previously, there was only a developer preview available and it was far from easy to use and clunky for the inexperienced in tech-related subjects. While normally it isn’t recommended to experiment with incomplete operating systems of features on mobiles, as they are a bit less manageable than a PC, this Android O Beta is rather more user-friendly by comparison. Before getting enrolled, you will first want to back-up all your data, as when you will eventually want to revert back it will delete everything you’ve had on the beta operating system. This is also a good idea to do even if you do not revert back, seeing as the beta has a lot of issues attributed to its unfinished state. Expect problems with battery loss, crashes, restarts and UI latency.

Once you’ve ensured the safety of your data you can move on to the enrolling part. First off, you will want to go into a browser and type in it. This will bring you to a log-in screen where you will have to input your Google account. Afterwards, you will want to look for your device and Enroll it. Once done, click the Join Beta button and afterwards things will proceed rather self-explanatory.

In order to revert back to your previous operating system, access again and click the Unenroll button.

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