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Android O Available with New Build and New Changes

As of the 19th of May, a new update has been released for the beta version of the Android O. The overall size of the update varies but it comes in at an approximately 50 MB in size, which is quite small and should not fix that many issues or add new features.

What we know about the update

The build number for this update is OPP2.170420.019 according to the System update available notification when you’re prompted to Download and Install. The number itself isn’t changed much from the previous one, with only the last numbers being changed from .017 to .019.

Currently, we do know that the Android Pay option has been tinkered with. Prior to this update, the Android Pay was completely broken and unusable. But now, you are able to open the feature, however, using it to its full extent is as of yet unclear. The issue with Android Pay in the previous version is that it hasn’t passed approval by the Compatibility Test Suite, and this meant that it wasn’t working properly with the latest versions. It is known that you can access your gift cards and rewards on Android Pay.

Android Pay and its state

Reports from users suggest that Android Pay has been restored to functionality, at least in part. Those who’ve previously had their mobile wallets set-up and linked to their cards claim that Android Pay works ok with them, but that is limited only for them. Users who try, as of this update, to link their cards to the mobile wallet are claiming that it doesn’t work and can’t find any fix for this. This would suggest that there are still a lot of issues with the Android Pay but efforts are being made to restore it completely.

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