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Android Go Update – To Be Available on New Phones

When it comes to a new version of Android, everyone is more than ready to hear all about it and see what new things will be upgraded. Usually, design changes and the introduction of new features are what people are interested to hear more about. They may also come out with new Android phones to go with these new versions. However, the release of Android Go wasn’t followed by the same amount of hype that normally happens. Why? Because Android Go is not designed to enhance the features of pricy, top of the line phones.

Android Go – more about it

According to Engadget, this version of Android is designed to run on low-end devices, devices that have very limited storage, don’t have a lot of RAM nor processing power. Google did all of this my making android take up less space, make the preinstalled apps use less date and running it on phones with 1GB of RAM or less.

The difference with this new version

In favor of Android running smoothly on these types of phones, other features had to be tweaked a bit by the developers. As always, people wonder if, with time, the phones that use Android Go will start acting more difficult, with choppy animations and apps starting to shut down due to lack of space or of data.

On the bright side, Google’s decision to cut down on Android’s preinstalled size managed to make it go down from 8GB, as it usually is, to 3GB. Moreover, there is now a new app named File Go whose main goal is to suggest to users what files they should delete. There is also Datally, which is meant to help measure data usage for phone users. Google has also added a new section in their App Store made up of apps that do not take a lot of space of phones.

How to take advantage of it

It is safe to say that if users continue using the normal, large sized apps like Gmail or YouTube, instead of their new Go versions all this work done by Google will be in vain. However, in order for Google to get people to actively use Go phones, they have to make sure that the tailored apps on these phones are not so different from the original versions. And it looks like they succeeded.

These phones will be largely available in India and parts of Africa but they will also be sold in the US. They will need to make sure that this new low-cost option for phones will work out for them in the marketplace. A couple of years ago they tried to do the same thing but manufacturers did not like the initiative so the whole thing came up to a dead end.

What are the phones that will have Android Go?

For those interested in buying a phone that runs on Android Go, we would like to inform you that these new phones are ZTE’s Tempo Go, Micromax’s Bharat Go, Nokia 1, Mobile’s GM 8 Go and Alcatel’s 1X. Out of all these phones, the GM 8 looks to be the best one, not only due to its large screen but also because of its faster performance. However, this will be the priciest Go phone.

Despite Google’s attempts to make phones have more free space, this also differs from one phone to another and this is purely due to what the manufacturer has made the particular phone to be. Google seems to understand that sometimes the problem stems from how much data Android uses on phones and it looks like they have taken a step in the right direction by looking to fix it.

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