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Android and ChromeOS Potentially Merging Together

While not a new discussion, in fact it’s been going on for quite a few years now, the idea of the merge between Android and the OS made by Google does have a lot of sense in it. If you consider the fact that Microsoft and Apple are dominating these spaces with devices like the Surface and iPads, then this merge will seriously increase Google’s grasp on these market sectors.

Android Andromeda or Android Oreo

Aptly named the Android Andromeda, this is the merging of Android and the Chrome OS into a single entity. Google has apparently been developing this device for quite a while now. It has actually been revealed in late 2015 by WSJ that there could be a potential merge organized by Google for the two operating systems. Reports from then tell us that Google has been planning to roll its operating system into the mobile market. It would seem like a logical choice for Google since the mobile market is increasing more and more. As such, for the past two years Google’s engineers have been at work on this merging project and recently they seem to have been some progress. Google has been planning a showcase of the new OS that is scheduled for 2017, but we will not be seeing an early prototype version of the OS until probably next year.

However, there has not actually been any references made by Google as to the real future of the Android Andromeda, so the 2017 date should be taken with a grain of salt. Google could just as well surprise everyone with the surprising revelation that there will be no Android O, but all the new devices that are going to be released will have the Android Andromeda OS. For now, speculations is all we can hope to work with.

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