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An Improved Samsung Galaxy S10 along with the Cancellation of Galaxy Note 9

The upcoming Galaxy S10 will be significantly different from its considered conservative predecessor Galaxy S9. Rumors suggest it will come with a new design along with new features and it raised big expectations that the next Galaxy S of 2019 will be a lot more than the previous model and better as well.

Samsung Galaxy S10 Changes

Ming-Chi Kuo, the smartphone analyst, confirmed how Samsung is going to introduce something innovative to the Galaxy S10+ such as the biggest display ever on a phone produced by the company. It will measure 6.44 inches, and it is considered substantial as it will have a lack of an iPhone X-like notch.

From the same analyst, we also know that the first flagship of 2019 will come with an on-display fingerprint sensor contrary to Apple’s Face ID from iPhone X. According to Kuo, this feature called FOD or Fingerprint-on-sensor will only be featured on Galaxy S10 Plus and Galaxy S10.

The Bell, the Korean news site, come in the leaks group with some more pieces of information. It says Samsung might change its strategy with its flagship mobile phones by including some of the Galaxy Note range’s features on their next Samsung Galaxy S10. These additions will bring the introduction of the S-Pen and business sense.

What changes will bring 2019 to the Note series? The previous analyst says Samsung might cancel this range of phones and transfer this line’s features onto the Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus instead. With the of the Samsung Galaxy Note series, the Korean company will move its focus on manufacturing a line of smartphones that would in e with Apple’s iPhone series. To do that, it would be the best move to include the Note series’ innovative features in the Galaxy S series and boost customer’s experience on those phones. It would not be a bad combination at all to have a Samsung Galaxy S phone with an S-Pen included.


This decision would come with both advantages and disadvantages. The Note and the S+ series, when it comes to features and size, both have a similar amount of overlap. And if this happens and the Note series will no longer continue in 2019, Samsung will have enough free time to develop a premium range of smartphones for the second half of the year. Maybe it will become the best time to release the near-mythical Samsung Galaxy X.

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