AMD compares Radeon RX Vega with GTX 1080

Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) is on tour with its Vega cards trying to prove their superiority over Nvidia. The tour starts from Budapest and it ends in Portland.  Last time, AMD compared the Vega card with an Nvidia GTX 1080. Now, the company wants to compare its Radeon RX with a GTX 1080. Reactions so far are positive.

During the stop in Portland, the Californian semiconductor company used two PCs with identical configuration and they compared the AMD Vega card with the Nvidia GeForce GTX card.

Viewers’ response

Last time, during the power show, the viewers’ response was quite positive, but that was not enough for the company. Its plan was to make the blind test available to more people.

This time around the company together with HardOCP recreated the comparison between the Radeon RX Vega and GeForce GTX 1080 Ti. The same standard was used, two PCs with identical systems were used and also FreeSync and G-Sync monitors were used. Both monitors worked at a maximum rate of 100Hz.

Another new change in their comparison concept was the decision to reformatting the drivers and to install them just before the test. The guests (ten in total) invited were gamers, eSports pros, former iSoftware developer and gaming journalists. The players had no idea which computer used what configuration and they switched between the two in order to detect if they feel any difference.

Results of the test

From the ten participants, six of them reported that they did not notice any difference between the two PCs, while three of them preferred the AMD Vega card and only one preferred the Nvidia card. Thos in favor of the Vega system declared it was easier for them to focus on moving targets on that