Amazon Secret Team Develops Healthcare Oriented Software and Apps

Amazon is one of the biggest companies in the world, and over the years it became much more than e-commerce. Although, at its origins,  Amazon was first all about selling books, and later on e-books, the company slowly but surely tapped into various markets. The most notorious recent release it enjoyed was that of Alexa, Amazon’s very own Siri that could turn some of their home devices into invaluable artificially intelligent pieces of tech.

However, it seems that Amazon was also working on something in secret all along. Now that the truth is out, we can finally tell you: Amazon had a secret team that worked on developing healthcare software, hardware and apps. The team was dubbed ‘1492’, which is a reference at the year Columbus allegedly discovered the American continent. However, we think that Amazon had no idea how ironic this name will actually translate to its audience.

When Columbus first set foot on the American continent, he had no idea he was discovering a new continent, but rather thought he was in an unseen region of better known lands (namely India, which explains why the Native Americans are since then called Indians). If anything, it was proved by history that Christopher Columbus wasn’t a revolutionary explorer by any means, but rather a big and dangerous idiot. In fact, his discovery was one that exchanged a lot of diseases between the natives and Europe. So yeah, we see what you tried to do there Amazon, but unfortunately it didn’t turn out as you had hoped, now did it?

Anyway, the 1492 team that Amazon put together aims to streamline medical records, as well as develop the concept of telemedicine and maybe even dwell a bit in the selling of pharmaceuticals.