Amazon Fire Stick vs Google Chromecast: Time To Take Your Pick

Searching in the market for some reasonable media streaming sticks might just be an easy task. Thanks to these 2 famous options from Amazon and Google, namely the Amazon Fire TV Stick and the Google Chromecast. However, even with their similarities, each has a distinct approach in terms of playing TV shows and movies from different sources.

Basically, the Amazon Fire Stick is a device that allows you to install tons of apps on its memory. It also has its own Bluetooth remote control. Moreover, you don’t need to use your smartphone, because the dongle from Amazon and the TV would suffice.

The Google Chromecast, on the other hand, is a service that would allow you to open a supported app on your mobile device. Simply hit the cast option in the app in order to connect to the TV. Additionally, you can mirror the display of your device, while you can also cast from the PC. This allows you to view saved videos, or might as well open Netflix and play it as you like on TV.

Overall, the Fire TV might be a device that is easier to use, but the Chromecast is a lot flexible since you can do a lot of things with it. Thus, which one might suit your needs is up to your needs. Here are some features that you can get out of these two technologies.

User Interface And Control

In terms of improvement, Amazon has been superb, as it looks cleaner and easier to use that it was before. At the same time, there is a Recent tab at the home screen that would show you the most recent app you recently used or the title of the media that you previously watched.

On the other hand, Chromecast lacks the interface, as it serves as a conduit for the video you are going to watch. In other words, the interface would take place on your PC, tablet, or smartphone. Thus, you can’t do anything on the TV screen.

Performance And Quality

Both of these products are capable of 1080p video output. The Fire Stick also supports H.265 files, with its quad-core chip on the inside. Therefore, you are able to load Prime Video faster without consuming huge bandwidth. Moreover, it can pre-fetch videos with its internal memory, which reduces waiting time.

With the new Chromecast, however, you can get smartphone apps that always get updated and optimized compared to counterparts from Android TV. As a result, you always get newer features, fewer bugs, or crashes.

Generally, both support dual-band Wi-Fi, giving you no trouble in terms of network speed and congestion.

Apps And Services

Chromecast supports a huge range of apps as Google claims an estimated count of 20,000 apps. However, Amazon only has 3,000 games, apps, and services for its Fire TV Stick. They also equally provide access to famous services, such as Airtel Movies, Eros Now, Hotstar, Netflix, and Sony Liv, among others.

Final Take

Ultimately, if you are going to weigh both sticks, the decision depends on how you would like them to serve your purpose. After all, Amazon Fire Stick and Google Chromecast are only good if they satisfy the needs of the customers.

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