Amazon Fire 7 vs. Amazon Fire HD 8 – The Differences and Advantages

While Amazon is more famous for being an all-encompassing marketplace, it also has a lot of other tricks up its sleeve. At first, Amazon was popular for selling books and e-books online, but now you can find all sorts of things on there. Just go on YouTube and, after a quick search, you will see that Amazon is the jack of all trades that sells everything from make-up and prom dresses to snacks and such.

However, Amazon also produces its own line of tablets and e-readers, and those are also getting quite popular recently because they’re just incredible. We all know the Kindle line of e-readers is great, but what about the tablets? Today we take a look at the Amazon Fire 7 and its bigger brother, the Fire HD 8, both in their 2017 variants.

The Differences

If we’re talking differences between the two tablets, you should know there aren’t many. Both devices have the same processor and camera, as well as the same operating system, the Fire OS. The RAM and storage situations are also very similar, with the slight difference being that the Fire HD 8 seems to be a bit better. They both come with Alexa assistant, as well as Parental Controls and X-Ray, and they both come in the same color schemes.

The differences lie in the screen size, for one. While the Fire 7 is 7 inches, the HD 8 is 8 inches, which is sort of implied by the name anyway, so nothing new there. The Fire HD 8 is also heavier, and has a slightly better screen resolution, hence the HD in the title. However, the differences are minor and not notable at all, so the two are basically the same device, with the exception being that the Fire HD 8 seems like a Pro variant of the Fire 7.

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