Amazon Echo vs. Google Home – Best Improvements and Features Comparison

The newest up and coming trend in today’s tech world is certainly represented by smart home speakers. Two of the main contenders for the number one crown are the Amazon Echo and the Google Home. It’s true that the Amazon Echo (together with the Echo Dot) has been the talk of the town recently and not many users and reviewers seem to be too focused on the Google Home smart speaker. But that doesn’t mean that the Google Home isn’t an impressive device. In fact, it might be the one worthy enough to win this battle. Keep reading to find out why.

The Comparison

Truth be told, both the Amazon Echo and the Google Home are two pretty good smart home speakers. Both of them are able to stream from Pandora or Spotify, which are two of the major streaming services in the world. However, the Google Home does offer a more limited array of services it can stream from (Pandora, Google Play Music, YouTube Music and Spotify), while the Amazon Echo has a few more active partnerships.

These are not with Google Play Music or YouTube Music, mainly because they are Google-owned. Amazon does have more in-house streaming services though, and more partnerships with other services altogether. The Amazon Echo speaker is also a bit louder than the Google Home, but the difference is not major enough to matter.

So what makes the Google Home great? The answer is tediously simple: audio quality. The Google Home simply fills the room with sound better (and smoother too), with its silky yet hard-hitting bass and its melodious adjustments. So if it’s sound quality you’re after (and that’s what most people seek in a speaker), the Google Home smart speaker is the way to go for sure.

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  1. Our personal experience is I first purchased the Echo late 2014 and learned all the commands and loved it but never integrated into my family as they just would never take the time to learn the Echo commands. They really are not that complicated.

    Then purchased the Google Home when it came out. Yes I am a geek. They used the Google Home and then I purchased a couple more. They now use pretty much daily and well integrated. The big difference is the Google Home does not have commands you memorize but instead supports what is called natural speech. In other words you talk to it like you would to your wife or husband. If already have an Echo going to the Google Home is easy as it works with the same commands. It is harder to go from a Google Home to a Echo as the Echo needs commands.

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