All you Need to Know About Battlefield 5 in One Place

All you Need to Know About Battlefield 5 in One Place

The Battlefield game franchise is one of those series of games that players fell in love with but that critics attack for a large number of reasons. Regardless of one’s personal opinion on this game, today we will be talking about all the information that we have so far on Battlefield 5. Fans of the series have been patiently waiting to have DICE and Electronic Arts deliver more info about the game’s mechanics. The developer and publisher of this game decided to host a press conference event live in London. Here they addressed some topics related to the game that we will be talking more about in just some seconds.

A brief history of Battlefield

This game series started back in 2002, and its latest member of the family is going to be Battlefield 5. DICE and Electronic Arts decided to officially announce that the newest addition to the series will be set back in World War II. The game before Battlefield 5, Battlefield 1, was set during World War I. The developer of this game has stated that Battlefield 5 will borrow some elements from previous games in the series, but their primary goal is to give fans a Second World War experience as they have never had before.

We can expect to see new game locations, new gameplay moments that were not introduced until now and new untold stories.

Launch date

By now you may have wondered when the game was going to be released if you did not know that already. Well, for those of you that do not know or that are not always up to date with every piece of information that comes out about this game franchise, the release date for an early trial of the game is going to happen on the 11th of October. Yes, the limited trial will not contain the full game, but it will offer a general view of how game schematics work when they are tested out by players, and we bet that this trial will also contain some new storylines apart from the multiplayer mode.

Single-player campaign?

Speaking of new storylines, for a long while fans were wondering if Battlefield 5 is going to have a single-player mode or not. DICE and Electronic Arts confirmed the fact that yes, the game will have a single-player campaign. They even offered us a small description of what this campaign is going to be like. There will be some different war stories and they will each focus on a different character. The first story is called “Nordlys,” and it is focused on a young Norwegian girl who has to join the fight against the Nazi forces.

DICE stated that this story does not follow the same cookie cutter pattern of a heroic tale. It lets us experience the emotional distress that the character had to go through about her family. Some areas of this operation will also include what looks to be the bombed-out city of Rotterdam, Greece, North Africa and France. It will be interesting to see how the storylines will wind together to reach all these parts of the world.

Multi-player mode

The multiplayer mode is going to be the most significant large-scale mode that the series has seen thus far. We will see some returning popular features from previous games, such as Battlefield 3, Battlefield 4 or Battlefield 1.

However, what got us excited was the addition of two new game modes. The first one is called Combined Arms. In this mode, you will have to team up with three other people and engage in a raid-like operation which is based on a list of objectives. The objectives get progressively more difficult, and the last one is the toughest.

The second mode is called Grand Operations, and it allows up to 64 players to be part of a massive multiplayer map, where teams will have to defend large artillery guns over the span of four days. There will be four matches in total, and each match represents one day. The balance between the forces will shift with the passing of each day depending on the number of artillery guns left. If by the third match the game ends with a draw then there will be a fourth match after which the one force which is still alive is declared the winner.

Deluxe Edition

Since we previously mentioned the date when the game would be coming out, we also want to tell you what you will get if you are pre-order the deluxe edition. The deluxe edition will come with 20 cosmetic items that will be dropped off weekly, Special Assignments both for the Fallschirmjager and the SAS and last but not least the cosmetic sets for the British Special Air Service and the German Airborne.

Early access

If you pre-order the game (either the standard version or the deluxe one) you will be able to enter an early beta testing of the game. This will be exciting for hardcore fans in particular since they will be some of the few who will get to see the game playing out before others do. Apart from having this privilege, they will also get an addition paratrooper cosmetic item, five weapons from Battlefield 1 and another Special Assignment. If all of this sounds good to you, then we encourage you to pre-order the game so that you will get to have all of this extra content.



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