Everything We Know About Final Fantasy 7 Remake

Everything We Know About Final Fantasy 7 Remake

With all the hullabaloo surrounding Final Fantasy 7, the game may not require a lot of introduction. Final Fantasy is undoubtedly one of the iconic series in the world of gaming, and this one is a jewel embedded in the crown. Most of the attention it received was due to its absence during E3 2018. You may feel intimidated by the number 7, especially in this series that has just released the fifteenth instalment, but you may not consider this an impediment, as it is a standalone and independent version. The story features an epic battle between Shinra Corporation which is corrupt and the rebellious eco-tourist organisation known as Avalanche. The former is determined to destroy the planet to fulfil their aim.

Changing visuals in the story

The graphics in this version is entirely new and everything has been done from scratch, with the help of Unreal Engine 4. It is not that only the changed resolution or the improved texture quality that matters but the Final Fantasy 7 Remake makes you feel that the design of the game was done keeping in mind the present-day scenario although the original design had come about two decades ago. Due to the HD remake, the visuals in this game are going to be more practical than before, although Square Enix has been working hard to overcome the stylized nature of the game.

Each character and location in this game appears exactly as you want them to be, without any polygonal mess. Just imagine how Midgar would appear today if Star Enix would have designed it now and it is the changed look that can make a real difference in this version.

Final Fantasy 7 Remake

New world of gaming

Final Fantasy 7 Remake is deemed to be a JRPG that is expected to revolutionize the world of western gaming since its release in 1997. Quite naturally, fans have been anxiously waiting to get a remake of the original game in an entirely new setting.

Square Enix announced about its plans to make the dreams of the gamers true with a mind-blowing makeover of the classic to be played on PlayStation 4. Although not much information has been revealed about the game since then, the gamers can learn more during E3 2018 conference, but let us go ahead with what we know right now about the game.

Changed appearance of Cloud

In the month of February this year, Square Enix showed some screenshots about the upcoming game during the Farewell Stories exhibition held in Tokyo. These screenshots contradict the previous gameplay footage and changes in the concept of art of the leading protagonist Cloud Strike along with the other characters. The attendees at the exhibition have expressed that Cloud looks more handsome although the immaturity that suits his age does not go unnoticed. The other characters Jessie, Brigs, and Wege present them themselves with changed looks although it may not be as much as you may witness in the protagonist.

Final Fantasy 7 Apperance

Available in PS4

According to the announcement of Square Enix about FFVII, the game is going to come to PS4 first although nothing has been said about its compatibility with the other systems. Square Enix has brought this game to the other platforms in the past such as Xbox, but no one knows for sure when the exclusive deal of the game is going to end.

News about developers

Square Enix started working on the Remake project with the help of the developer CyberConnect2 that worked on the content now present online, but Square cancelled the contract and Naoki Hamaguchi would be the new developer for the Remake version to ensure that the popularity of the project would stay full house.

Released in episodes

The game is going to be released in different episodes, but the company does not want to call it that rather prefers to mention that the release of the game will come about in different episodes or what is better known as a multi-part series. Probably it would not have been possible for the developers to design a simple remake of the game and it may have prompted the company to release it in parts. Quite naturally, the players would be happy to explore different areas of Midgar in this game, something that was not possible in the original game. However, Yoshinoro Kitase did not provide a lot of details about the structure of the game or the number of parts in which it is likely to be released. There is no confirmation yet whether there would be gaps between the releases. You can expect the answers as the release date of the game appears closer.

Gameplay through evolution

The game originally featured an evolution through a system of turn-based combat, which is also called the Active Time Battle or the ATB which is a staple feature of the role-playing games. However, this system is going to change in the remake and instead it will contain real-time action with new uses of Limit Breaks and ATB according to the producer Yoshinori Kitase. The gameplay in the recent version of the game is going to be modern with the inclusion of third-person over-the-shoulder camera angle which is primarily used in the action-adventure games available today.

No wonder Square Enix was careful while referring this version as a remake, instead of a reboot, as fans can expect a lot of changes in the game, such as the battle screens, items, conversations, maps, and more. So far, the audiences have only witnessed a few glances of the content but the following points can sum up the gameplay of FFVII.

  • The battle in this game is not entirely based on the actions and looks automated. It appears that the battle is primarily controlled through a known menu that also includes various options for Magic, Summon and more. When you combine them with the real-life battle scenes, you will remember the gameplay of Final Fantasy 5. However, you never know if the combat will look different in the remake
  • Apart from the new cutscenes, there are not many changes you can expect in Midgar with most of the scenes taken from the original game, wherein there were familiar monsters.
  • No one is sure whether the game is going to be open-world. Believe it or not, the gamers are going to be disappointed if it is not an open-world. However, the changes that Square Enix is planning to incorporate in this game may compel it to go into a linear path. You can watch out for the world map or other signs indicating an open-world game
  • The graphics in this game is going to be truly incredible if what you have seen is implemented; you will come across graphics beyond your imagination although it is too early to predict the game at this point

Final Fantasy 7 Gameplay

Know the story

Square Enix has not talked about the story yet but it seems that you can expect a few changes in the elements of the original story to make it more adaptable to the present-day audience. According to Tetusuya Nomura, you can expect more plot devices that make the approach of the story quite differently. However, the release of the remake also creates a lot of opportunities to make the game more suitable to the content that Square Enix has produced, such as Advent Children and Dirge of Cerberus. You might just come across some promo images that clearly shows the fallen angel wings of Sephiroth, which was not present in the original game and made more popular through the cinematic content after many years. It appears that Square is keen to include the new content in the remake version of the game.

Final Fantasy 7 Story

What to play before Remake

If you are yet to play the original version of Final Fantasy 7, it is better to wait until Remake hits the stores. Even though you may have a bunch of other options in the original game, you can skip them and focus on Dirge of Cerberus which is set after the original and how it follows Vincent, one of the two secret characters in this game.

Final Fantasy 7 Release Date

There is no exact release date of the game coming from the developers except for an interview with the CEO of Square Enix, Yosuke Matsuda wherein he told the shareholders that the game would be released within three years so you can expect it to come somewhere between 2018 and 2020. Thanks to the efforts of Square Enix, people were expecting a remake of Final Fantasy. The company joined hands with Sony for a teaser when the PlayStation 3 was unveiled for the first time. Although the game is slated to have a timed release in PlayStation 4, a possible release cannot be ruled out in Xbox One as well. Even though you can pre-order Final Fantasy 7 Remake, but you may not rush for this option soon as you have to settle for the Standard Edition right now with no confirmation from Square Enix about the collectors or special edition.



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