All the Features and Possible Release Date of Windows 10 Redstone 5

All the Features and Possible Release Date of Windows 10 Redstone 5

Microsoft is never one to back down from its promises, which is why we are going to see constant updates done to Windows 10. Windows 10 April 2018 Update, dubbed Redstone 4, has just been released so now the company is focusing on perfecting the next update to come to Windows 10, the Redstone 5.

Today we will be talking more about this update and about what we can expect. Redstone 5 was released on the 9th of May for those that are part of the Windows Insider early-access program. This means that most of the features that are present in this early access build will be present in the final version as well, with some tweaks and minor changes happening along the way.

Your Phone App

One of the most significant features that Windows 10 users are waiting to use in its final version is the Your Phone app. What is this app meant to do? Well, in a nutshell, this app will allow you to easily share files between your mobile devices and your laptop that had Windows 10 on it. Supposedly, you will be able to that by just dragging and dropping the files. We do not know as of yet if this app is going to support both Android and iOS, but we are hoping that both operating systems will be included.

New Sets

Sets is a feature that allows the users to group some different apps under one single window. This is all possible through a tabbed interface. With Redstone 5 we could expect to see something new being added, namely the fact that we could be able to open different apps and websites into a new window or tab. Moreover, most of us have opened some tabs one point and had some annoying music blast from one of them. Sifting through all your tabs to find the culprit is almost always a tedious task. With Redstone 5, if a webpage plays music, there will appear a volume icon on it. If you click it, you will mute the audio sound from that tab.

Update to the clipboard

Microsoft has said that you now have the option pin items that you use very often to the clipboard. If you want to do that, you have to press WIN+V which will open a whole new clipboard experience. But what kind of things can you pin to your clipboard? Are the options limitless? Well, yes and no at the same time. The clipboard history is going to support HTML, plain text and images that are below 1MB in size. The size of roamed text that the clipboard will allow is 100kb max.

You will also get a new darker theme for File Explorer, the File Explorer context menu, and the Common File Dialog.

Improved search Previews

Last but not least, we are going to tell about the improvement that Redstone 5 is going to bring to Windows 10. Improved search previews is a new feature that focuses on allowing the users to search more efficiently for documents, apps or other files that he or she needs at that particular moment. Search previews will also enable the user to go back to what they were previously working on one of their documents. This is not all; they will also be able to search faster for information from the web.

Release date

The big question on everyone’s mind is when will Redstone 5 be released in its final, stable version for the majority of Windows 10 users? Do not expect it to come any time soon. Since Microsoft rushed to release the April 2018 security update on time (and the fact that it was rushed could be seen since there were some small problems with it), we can expect to see Redstone 5 come out in its final version during September or October. This would fall in line with Microsoft’s schedule. And this would also mean that next March or April we will see another Redstone update, hopefully.

Redstone 5 may be delayed, and that is only to be expected since there is a lot of work needed to be done to stabilize all of these features. However, we understand that it is all worth the wait since we are incredibly excited to see all of these features finalized.

Windows 10 Insider Preview to fight malware

Build 1762 is the latest Windows 10 Insider Preview build that has become available for testing. The people that are allowed to test it are those that registered with the Fast ring or the Skip Ahead releases.

So what is so important about it? Well, it introduces new features meant to fight malware better than before. Antivirus software (such as the famous Kaspersky Lab, McAfee, Norton or even Symantec) will have to run as protected processes. This means that these antiviruses will run along with the Windows Defender Antivirus that is available with Windows 10.

This is a game changer since now we will have two antiviruses working together to create a double layer of protection against malware programs. We will have to see if other popular antivirus software will be added to the list among the four that we have already mentioned. However, we believe that this feature will be perhaps the most useful one since the World Wide Web does contain some sneaky pieces of malware that you can download by mistake and which will shut down your computer. Or worse, they could steal all of your data.



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